Create an email audience of current members


  1. Create a new audience
  2. Add a new database search
  3. Edit your search criteria
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Create a new audience

Navigate here: Communications tab > Email Audiences


Select "Standard Email Audience" and give your audience a name. Learn about audiences types here.


Add a new database search

Under the "Component List" section of your audience detail page, click "Add New Search". The detailed guide is found here.


Edit your search criteria 

This will take you to the search criteria page for the Email Audience Report. In addition to the default criteria, you will want to load the below criteria to limit he scope of the search to include only active members.  You can further limit this audience to a specific membership term or terms using the "Membership" search field, but for this example, we will include all members. 

Most Recent Membership Only: Equal Yes
Membership Expiration Date: Greater & Equal CurrentDay
Membership Start Date: Less & Equal CurrentDay
Membership Status: Equal SUCCEED

These search fields are located under the "Membership" search category.


Edit your search criteria and add the membership criteria highlighted below, then click "Save Changes".


 Click "Run Report" to see the results.

If you are satisfied with the results, click "Save Email List" to save this search to use for this email audience.

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