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Configure system emails to notify staff users

By adding staff email addresses to the BCC Email field, you can ensure that your staff users receive a copy of that email when it is sent to the constituent. The BCC Email field accepts up to 250 characters, so you can enter as many emails as you like so long as you don't exceed the 250 character limit. Separate each BCC email address with a comma (no spaces)

System emails are configured here:  System Settings > Home/Dashboard > Communications > Transaction Acknowledgements > System Emails

You'll find the Donation Appreciation system email listed under the Donation Emails grouping.  Click View Settings & Versions.


This takes you to the Donation Appreciation system email configuration page where you can edit the BCC Email of each different Version as well as the default BCC Email. 

You can modify the message settings (i.e., email subject, version name, sender name/email, and BCC emails) for an email version by clicking the "Edit" link under the Sender column. Click the "Edit" button to update the default message settings for this type of email. 


A note about the BCC Email field: When you build a new version of a system email, you are given the option to enter the "BCC Email" for that particular version. If you leave this field blank, then Neon will use the default BCC email from your system email settings. If you do enter a BCC email address, then it will override the default setting.

Changing the default BCC for this type of email


Changing the BCC for a specific version


BCC Conditions

If you want to BCC certain people when online donations are made, but you do not want them to be copied on all donation appreciation system emails, then you can create a special email version and condition to accomplish this. You can create a condition to send out a specific version when a donation is made online.

When you create the new version to use for this condition, you will enter the BCC emails for that version. These will override the default settings. 

Then you can create a new condition that will tell Neon to use this email version when donations are made with the Tender Type: Credit Card (Online), as shown in the example below. 


Your new condition will be listed here. 


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