How can my donors select a donation campaign?

*Tip - Build a Campaign Listing Page

Neon generates a unique URL for your standard donation form as well as each of your campaign pages. If you are looking for a way to give your constituents more control over what campaign they would like to support, you might want to create a page that lists and describes each of your causes and provides links to corresponding donation forms. 


  1. Grab the URLs
  2. Build a web page with links to your various campaign forms
  3. Link to that page

1. Find the unique URLs by navigating to Forms & Pages > Forms & Pages Home > Donation Forms.



2. On a separate web page, you can write a brief explanation of each campaign and use these URLs to link to each donation form. Ask your webmaster to build one for you, or build one yourself on a Secure Login Page set to be Public. (Click to read more about how to build these pages.)

 Your page might look something like this:


3. Some of our clients link the URL to this "Donation campaigns Home" from the Donate button on their website. Others link the standard donation form to the Donate button but offer a link to this page for those who want to contribute to a specific cause.


You can add a link to this page to the header of all of your donation forms in Step 3 of Customizing Standard Forms.

Or, you can add this link to the header of just one campaign's donation form by editing that campaign's header.

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