Create a Conditional System Email or Letter for Recurring Donations

Create a Conditional Donation Appreciation System Email for Recurring Donations
Set up your condition
Do Not Send Email
Do Not Send Letter
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Create a Conditional Donation Appreciation System Email for Recurring Donations 

You can create a condition that tells Neon which version to send based on the criteria you specify in the condition. Tell Neon to send a specific version to the donor each time their recurring donation is processed, or tell Neon not to send an email at all. 

To do this, use the Donation Created By criteria to set up a conditional Donation Appreciation system email for recurring donations. The NeonCRM Scheduler is responsible for creating recurring payments, so the transaction record will always be created by 'Recurring Donation' rather than a constituent or system user.

NOTE: The initial donation is still credited to the system user or constituent who sets up the donation. Only the subsequent recurring donations will be marked created by Recurring Donation.



Set up your condition

From the Donation Appreciation system email configuration page, click New Email Condition.


To create a condition for donations processed automatically by Neon, select the following criteria:

Donation Created By: Equal 'Recurring Donation'

Specify the version you wish to send from the Select Email Version dropdown menu.


Click 'Submit' to save your condition. 

Your new condition will be listed here. Click on the Version to preview the version selected for your condition. 


Do Not Send Email

Instead of having the Donation Appreciation email go out each time a recurring donation is processed, you can create a condition that tells Neon: Do not send email for this special condition

You can do this by creating a condition with the settings shown below. Keep in mind that your donor will still receive your default Donation Appreciation System Email when the initial donation is process. However, this condition will apply for all subsequent recurring donations.


Click Submit to save your condition. Under 'Version Name' the condition will read Do Not Send Email as shown below. 


Do Not Send Letter

The above steps also work for system letters. Navigate to: System Settings tab > Home/Dashboard > System Letters > Donation Appreciation > New Condition

Use the settings shown below to create a system letter condition that tells Neon "Do not send to the mail merge queue for this special condition" only for those recurring donations created by the system. 

Note: The first donation will still send a letter to the mail merge queue, but all following donations created by "Recurring Donation" will not create letters.

Click Submit to save your condition.

Under 'Version Name' the condition will read Do Not Send To The Mail Merge Queue, as shown below. 


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