Create a Custom Newsletter Subscription Form

Create a Custom Newsletter Subscription Form

This is a three step process:

  1. Create an Account Custom Field
  2. Create an Email Audience
  3. Create a New Custom Form

Create a new Account Custom Field 

Learn how to create custom fields here. 

Create an account custom field to collect newsletter subscription preferences from your constituents.

In this example, our custom field allows constituents to subscribe to one, two, or all three of the three subscription options. 

Create a new Email Audience

Learn how to create Email Audiences here. 

Now you need to create an Email Audience that pulls in the accounts that filled out your newsletter sign up form. 

Choose the Standard Email Audience type. On the audience detail page, click Add New Search.

In the example below, we'll load the criteria that will capture the individuals who selected the Monthly Newsletter option.

Click 'Run Report' to load the results.

From the results page, click Save Email List to add the results to your audience. 

Now you can see that your database search is available under the Component List of your email audience. Click View to look at the criteria you loaded. 

Create a New Custom Form

Now that you have an Email Audience based on your custom field selection, you need to create the custom form to collect subscribers.

Make sure that the form is set up to create accounts. The form must create Neon accounts in order for those individuals to be included in your standard email audience. 


Add a new page.


Add the account custom field to your form page from the Neon fields sidebar and set the field as Required in the left Properties menu.


First Name, Last Name and Email must also be added as required fields. 


When you're done adding fields to your form page, select Save and then publish the form. 


Once published, anyone that fills out this custom form and selects the "Monthly Newsletter" option will be automatically added to your Monthly Newsletter Email Audience. 

An example custom newsletter sign up form is shown below:


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