Encouraging Constituent Login on NeonCRM Web Forms


Add Login Name & Password Creation Fields to Public Forms
Encourage Returning Supporters to Log In

Add Login Name & Password Creation Fields to Public Forms

To get started, add the login fields to the Public Access version of your web forms to allow constituents to create a login name and select a password to access their NeonCRM account.

Your front-end forms can be customized here: System Settings > System Settings Home > Forms & Web Pages > Standard Forms > Configure Fields & Sections.

From the page field selector, add a new page section and place the Login Name and Login Password fields under that section


On the next page, edit the Section Header to include text prompting new users to create an account.

You can also change the Display Names for those fields if you wish.


Encourage returning supporters to login to their existing NeonCRM account

There are two ways that you can add a prompt to your online forms for constituents to log in to existing accounts before proceeding.

Enable the Encouraged Log In Setting (recommended)

When this setting is enabled on a form, clicking on it will cause a login prompt window to appear:


An additional link appears on the form itself so that if a constituent closes the window without logging in, they can click the link to re-open the window and log in anyway.

To enable this setting, go to System Settings > System Settings Home >Encouraged Log In.

For more information on how to set up Encouraged Log In, please refer to this guide.

Create Your Own Login Prompt

Example Section Header: "Already have an account with us? Please log in here to donate. Forgot your login? Click here to request that information."

Highlight the "log in here" text and click on the link icon in the content editor to link to your NeonCRM login page. Use the drop-down menu to link to your NeonCRM Login Screen, as shown below.



Your Reset Password link can be found by clicking on the Forgot Password hyperlink from your Constituent Login Page as shown below.

Next, highlight the text Click here to request that information and click on the hyperlink icon.

Copy the Get help URL from your Constituent Login page and add the link to the selected text in your Section Header, as shown in the image below.


Select Close Editor when you're done


Click the Submit button to save your work.


Now constituents visiting your online forms will have the option to login to their existing account or create a new one, as shown in the example below


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