Cancelling and Deleting Transaction Records

Deleting a transaction record
Cancelling a transaction record
Editing a transaction record after issuing a partial refund
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NeonCRM does not process credit card or eCheck payments, it simply maintains a record of transactions that are processed by a third party gateway provider. For this reason, NeonCRM DOES NOT issue refunds. Refunds must be issued by your payments gateway provider outside of NeonCRM.  

The purpose of this guide is to show you how to manage a transaction record (i.e., donation, membership registration, event registration, or store purchase) in Neon AFTER the payment has been refunded either by your organization or gateway vendor. 

Updating transactions in NeonCRM to reflect full or partial refunds issued outside of Neon: 

  • Delete the transaction record - deleting a transaction record permanently removes all of the data and the record itself. This action cannot be undone. 

  • Cancel the transaction record - cancelling a transaction record is typically preferable to permanently deleting that data. 

  • Edit the transaction & payment amounts after issuing a partial refund.

Note: Please be aware that a credit card or e-check payment is processed by your gateway provider and so deleting a Neon transaction record or changing the payment status will have no effect on the on the payment itself, which is processed and stored by your gateway vendor outside of Neon.

Deleting a transaction record

Open up the transaction record you wish to remove.  You can access transaction records from the constituent's Neon account. Scroll down to the appropriate section on their account that contains the unwanted item you are targeting for removal.

  • Membership History
  • Donations
  • Purchase History 
  • Event Registrations

You can also do this by running a Transaction Report to up a list of the transaction(s) you wish to delete. From the results page, click on the appropriate ID number (i.e., donation ID, membership enrollment ID, event registration ID, shopping cart ID). 


From the transaction record page, click the Delete button to remove this record and all of its data from Neon. 


Deleting a transaction record will permanently remove that data from Neon. This does not delete, cancel or in any way affect the payment itself, which is stored by your gateway vendor outside of Neon.

Cancelling a transaction record

In the example below, we'll cancel the payment on a transaction record that has already been refunded outside of Neon.  

Navigate to the transaction record you want to mark cancelled. Under Payment Information, click Edit .


From the edit page, change the transaction status to Cancelled as shown below.


Tip: Use the Payment Note field to enter some details regarding the refunded payment.

Click Submit Payment to save your changes. 

You will see a warning message. In the message below, BluePay will be replaced with the name of the Gateway used to process this transaction (e.g.,PayPal Pro,, etc.)

To continue, click OK.


The record will now be shows as CANCELLED


A note about cancelling store orders: products in a cancelled store order are not automatically added back to the available inventory. You must do this manually, as shown here.

Editing a transaction record 

If you've issued a partial refund, a system user can edit the transaction record and change the total amount. Upon editing the amount on a transaction record, the system user will see an alert message prompting them to confirm this change. 

Below is the alert generated when a system user edits a donation amount. A similar message appears when you edit an event registration amount or membership fee.


After changing the transaction amount, you can edit the payment on that transaction so that the payment amount is equal to the transaction amount (amount owed). 

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