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Embed a Google Calendar
Embed a YouTube Video
Embed a Google Map
Other Web Elements
Troubleshooting iframes


Because NeonCRM’s dashboard allows you to add HTML code, you can embed nearly any web content to appear in your custom dashboard content area. Bear in mind that when you add content here, all of your NeonCRM system users will be able to see it. The dashboard area is a global area, meaning that it is not specific to any particular user. All users see the same content here.

The code can be accessed by clicking “Edit Content”, and then clicking on “Source”. Paste your code in the window, and click Save Content when you're finished. While the interface may look intimidating, rest assured that there is no way to "break" your NeonCRM system from here. If you experience unexpected results, open the Source page, delete everything, and start from scratch.


Embed a Google Calendar

Your Google Calendar must be publicly viewable so it can be visible in your dashboard. 

To make your calendar visible, click on the down-arrow button next to the appropriate calendar, then select Share this calendar. Next, select Make this calendar public and click save to make the calendar publicly visible.

To embed the Google Calendar, navigate to the calendar list on the left, click the down-arrow next to the calendar you want to embed, and select Calendar settings.



Under the section called Embed This Calendar, you can copy the code provided, or you can configure the look and feel of your calendar by clicking “Customize the color, size, and other options”. You can copy the code from that page as well.


Paste the embed code into your dashboard Source page and click Save.

Embed a YouTube Video

To embed a YouTube video on your dashboard, find the video on YouTube and click the Share button.


You’ll then see a button labeled Embed. Click it.


From here, copy the embed code and paste it into the NeonCRM dashboard Source page.

Make sure to change the iframe reference from http to https. Neon's pages are https and they do not like to pull insecure http references.


Embed a Google Map

The easiest way to embed a specific Google Map in your dashboard is to use Google Maps to find the specific view you want. Click on the link icon.


Copy the Embed code, and paste it into the dashboard Source page and click Save.


Other Web Elements

Google offers many more embeddable web elements that are very easy to add to your dashboard. Learn more about them here.

Troubleshooting iframes

Here are a few tricks if an iframe is not rendering:

  • Change the iframe reference from Http to Https. Neon's pages are Https and they do not like to pull insecure http references.
  • You may need to clear your browser data i.e., browsing history, cache, etc. and reload the page in order to see your changes.
  • Make sure that your Google Calendar is public.

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