How do I encourage people in the database to create a login name & password?

Create a New Audience
Build a New Campaign Email
Creating a Login and Password: The Constituent's Experience
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To encourage people in the database to create a login name and password, you'll need to find everyone in your database who doesn't have one, and send them an email with a link to create a login and password. 

This is a three-step process:

  1. Create the Email Audience
  2. Build the Campaign Email
  3. Send the Email to your Audience

Create a New Audience

First, you'll need to build the email audience that contains everyone who does not currently have a login name and password.

Navigate to your campaign audience list at Communications > Email Audiences

Create a New Audience.


Name your audience, and choose the Standard Email Audience option.


Once created, you'll need to add your constituents to this audience. Click Add New Search. Then, click Edit to modify your search criteria.



Add the criterion for Account Login Name Blank. (Tip: If you have Social Media Login enabled, you might also want to add one group each for Facebook Page: Blank and Twitter Page: Blank.) Then, click Save changes. On the Email Audience Report screen, click Run Report.


You will now see a list of all constituents who do not have a login name. Click Save Email List to add these constituents to your email audience.

Note: Please make sure that Automatic Email Authentication is enabled prior to sending your email.

Build a New Campaign Email

Now that you have built your email audience, you need to create the email you'd like to send to them.

Create a standard NeonCRM campaign email. When you reach the page with the content editor, click on the token menu as shown below:


Scroll through the token list or use the search field to find the <<Reset Password Link>> token.

Click on the token name to place it into the content of your email. 


Add this token to your email content. Some sample content is below:

Thank you for your support of our organization! We recently moved to a new database system that will allow you to view your donation history, update your contact information, and more. To view and update your information, please click the link below to create a login name and password.

Finish creating your email as normal, and send it. More information on sending campaign emails is available here.


Send the Email to your Audience

Creating a Login and Password: The Constituent's Experience

Once your email has been sent, each constituent will receive an email that corresponds to their NeonCRM account.

The token <<Reset Password Link>> shows up as a hyperlink, as shown below:


When a recipient clicks on the <<Reset Password Link>> from this email, they will be taken to a page where they are prompted to create a Login Name and/or Password for their existing Neon account. 

Note: The link created by the <<Reset Password Link>> token will expire after 24 hours.

If the recipient has not set up a Login Name and Password for their Neon account, they will be prompted to choose both, as shown for the test account in the example below:


If the recipient already has a Login Name for their Neon account but no Password, or if they have both a login and password already,  this page will display their current Login Name and they will only need to choose a new Password, as shown in the example below:


If the owner of this email address has more than one account in your NeonCRM, they'll have the choice of which password to reset. This is handy for people who have both an individual and an organization account, for example, or a system user and a constituent account.

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