Invalid Path Error

Invalid Path Error

When linking your Neon forms and pages to your website, be sure to copy the correct URL.

To share a Neon form with your constituents:

If you or your constituents encounter an error like the one below, this means you did not link to the correct URL.


In the past, inadvertently linking to an invalid URL occurred most frequently in systems where Encouraged Log In is enabled. Prior to May 6th, 2017, the Encouraged Log In setting directed standard form links to a page that prompted the user to log in or click a "Continue as new account" link. Clicking this link would bring the user to a page with a different URL, like this one:


This URL is only valid if linked to from the old Encouraged Log In page. It is not valid as a standalone link. However, system users would sometimes copy this URL and link to it on websites or in emails, causing the Invalid Path error shown above.

As of May 6th, 2017, however, the Encouraged Log In feature has been modified so that it does not generate or redirect to that second URL. Therefore, using Encouraged Log In should not cause this error going forward.

However, if you are experiencing this error and have enabled Encouraged Log In prior to this update, check your link to make sure that it's not an old invalid URL copied from the previous format.

To avoid any potential problems sharing a Neon form in general, always share the Page Link listed under the Forms & Pages> Forms & Pages Home, as shown in the example below.

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