Timeout Warning

Session Timeout

For performance and security reasons, System User sessions in NeonCRM will time out after 40 minutes of inactivity.

Activity is recorded when requests are made to our server. For example, the following will prolong your session:

  • Navigating to a new page in Neon
  • Submitting a form
  • Running a report

Other areas of Neon are NOT registered as activity and can cause session timeouts. These include:

  • Working in the WYSIWYG editor 
  • Filling out a form (before submission)
  • Editing a custom form

A pop-up warning will appear 5 minutes before your session would expire to prompt you to continue your session so can continue working in these areas.


You have 5 minutes to click "Resume Session" before your session times out. The warning tells you how much time is left.

You will see the below timeout warning message if your session has expired.  

If the the "Resume Session" button is not clicked during this time frame, any unsaved data will be lost. 

Support Tip: Session timeouts are most common when building an email in the WYSIWYG editor. If your session has already ended, you will not be able to save your work. However, you can close the time out warning window to copy and paste your work into another program for re-entry into Neon.

Clicking the "Log in" button will prompt you to enter your login name and password to start a new session.

You won't need to re-enter your login/password if you've checked the "Remember me for 2 weeks" option.

The "Remember me for 2 weeks" dialogue places a cookie in your browser to help Neon remember your password. With this checked, you will be able to bypass the login screen and will be taken directly to your administrative dashboard.

This is NOT related to the length of your session, described above.

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