Configuring Forms for International Payments



Customize your Credit Card Payment Page
Add State Free Text to your Standard Forms
State vs. State Free Text


Contact your Gateway Vendor:

  1. Ensure that your account is setup to accept international credit card payments.
  2. If your account has an Address Verification System (AVS), be sure State is not a required field. Learn about AVS for BluePay and

Update your Neon forms:

  1. If you have the Credit Card State field on your credit card payment page, remove it or make it an optional field. 
  2. Add the State Free Text field to your Neon forms. 

Customize your Credit Card Payment Page

Configure the fields on your Public Access and Constituent versions of the Credit Card payment page to accept international credit cards.  Do this by navigating to: 

System Settings > Home/Dashboard >  Forms & Web Pages > Standard Forms >  Configure Fields & Sections

To support credit card payments from constituents outside the U.S. & Canada, you can either:

  • Remove the Credit Card State field from your credit card payment page entirely.
  • Include the Credit Card State field on your form, so long as it is not required


Add State Free Text to your Standard Forms

You'll need to customize your forms so that the available form fields accommodate constituents with addresses outside of the U.S. To do that, include both State and State Free Text fields on any Neon forms where you wish to collect addresses. Standard Neon forms are customized here: System Settings > Home/Dashboard >  Forms & Web Pages > Standard Forms >  Configure Fields & Sections.

After you select the page you want to customize, you can determine which fields are available on that particular form in Step 2: Select Page Fields for Page. Use the Page Fields Selector to add both the State and State Free Text fields to your form.


Note: The "State Free Text" field is not available on the Credit Card Form.

You can determine which fields are required or optional and change the display names for fields in Step 3: Customize Page Your Page. For most Neon forms, It's up to you to decide whether or not to make State required. 

Including both the State and State Free Text fields on a form and marking State a required field will force anyone with a US address to select a State, while also allowing for international constituents to fill out your form using the State Free Text field instead. Marking State as a required field will ensure that constituents fill out either the State or State Free-Entry fields, but not both.


State vs. State Free Text

State is a drop down field with pre-defined values, whereas State Free Text (Province) is a free-entry text field.


Province (Foreign):

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