How to disable membership auto-renewal

Updated 3/18/2015

Disabling Membership Auto-Renewal

Want to remove constituent's ability to automatically renew a membership? You will want to:

  1. Remove the option from your forms
  2. Disable the membership status message in the login portal
  3. Remove the renewal option from your login portal's membership page

Remove the renewal option from your forms

You can add or remove that field from the Public Access New Member Registration Form and the Constituent Membership Join form using the web form customization utility, which is found here: System Settings tab > Home/Dashboard > Forms & Web Pages > Standard Forms >  Configure Fields & Sections.


*The detailed guide to customizing your standard forms is found here.

 Disable the membership status message in the login portal

 You might have a header on each page within your login portal that displays membership status and gives the option to renew.


If you'd like to turn this off, navigate to System Settings tab > Home/Dashboard > Memberships > Settings.

There, you'll find a switch to disable this header information. 


 Remove the renewal option from your constituent portal membership page

Finally, you can remove the option to renew from the membership page within your constituent portal here: System Settings tab > Home/Dashboard > Constituent Login Portal > Dropdown Navigation Options.

From that page, click Edit next to the standard menu option "My Membership".


This takes you to the configuration page for that menu option where you can choose to enable/disable the auto-renewal settings.

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