Gateway and Payment Troubleshooting

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Gateway and Payment Troubleshooting


Trouble Verifying Gateway
Trouble Processing Payment
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In order to process credit cards, your organization will need to connect NeonCRM to a payment gateway. Sometimes problems arise while trying to verify this connection or while making a payment through a Neon form that utilizes this connection. This is usually due to a difference in settings between Neon and your gateway.  Some quick things to check can be found below. 

Trouble Verifying Gateway

Set up and Verify your credit card gateway.

Gateways are configured here: System Settings > System Settings Home > Payments & Transactions > Payment Gateways.

Click New Credit Card Gateway. After you select your gateway, there are spaces to enter your API username, password, etc. (Different gateways will call this different things.) To obtain this information, you will need to set up an account with your chosen gateway, then return here with the information to link it. 

To verify that the information you added will successfully connect with your gateway, you can verify your gateway setup with a live test from that same page. Check the box, then enter the information for an active credit card to send a penny test to your gateway. (Note: For IATS users this will be $1 test due to their special requirements; For Vanco users test verification is not available.)


If the penny payment goes through successfully, the Is Verified flag is a shown in Gateway settings. Until this test has been manually run, that flag will not appear even if your gateway does work as intended.


Factors that can prevent verification. 

If the gateway has not yet been verified with a test, or the test was unsuccessful, the gateway will still be marked as Not Verified. Remember, unless this test has been manually run, the gateway is marked unverified even if your gateway does work as intended.


If your verification test fails, check the following:

  • Confirm that the Gateway account verification information is correct and that your gateway account is active* and in good standing to accept payments.
  • Try with a different credit card. Even if the gateway is set up correctly, you will not receive a successful verification message unless the payment information is accurate. 
  • Check whether you have AVS (address verification) enabled in your gateway. If so, the penny test will not work, as there is no place to enter an address to verify the payment. If your gateway settings require AVS, there are two options:
    1. Temporarily disable the required billing address feature in your gateway and re-test the gateway setup.
    2. Leave your current gateway settings and enter a penny payment on the back-end donation page using tender-type Credit Card (Online) to check if everything works as expected. The gateway will not be marked verified, but you will know it is connecting properly.
Note to users: All new Authorize.Net accounts begin in Test Mode. While is in test mode, transactions attempted from Neon will fail. Read this support guide about this mode and how to turn it off before accepting transactions. 

Trouble Processing Payment

Factors to check

Many of the same factors can be checked if an online payment is not successful, either through a Neon form or from the back-end. 

  • Confirm that your Gateway account is verified (see above) and that your gateway account is active and in good standing to accept payments.
  • To confirm whether it was a problem with the Neon fields or the gateway itself, run a penny test from the back end, using Tender Type - Credit Card (online). Only the bare minimum for processing a payment is required on the back-end.
  • Check whether you have AVS (address verification) enabled in your gateway. If you do, do one of the following:
    1. Make sure that your Neon Credit Card page requires the same fields that your gateway requires. Do this by Customizing Front-End Pages for your Credit Card pages. 
    2. If you would like to limit the number of required fields for your constituents, turn off AVS in your Gateway.

Other Possible Errors while processing payment

Sometimes, Neon will send over the payment information and receive an error from the Gateway itself. These include messages like the following:



These indicate that even though Neon is communicating with the gateway, there is a problem with payment processing in the gateway itself. Please contact your gateway to verify that your account is currently active* and in good standing for processing payments and that your API username, password, and signature have not changed.

Note to users: All new Authorize.Net accounts begin in Test Mode. While is in test mode, transactions attempted from Neon will fail. Read this support guide about this mode and how to turn it off before accepting transactions. 


Error Message: Declined[ declined ______ is required.]


 If you see this error but the named field is neither required in Neon nor, check with your merchant account processor. These requirements may be coming from this third party.'s advice is as follows:

Response Reason Code: 33

Response Reason Text: FIELD cannot be left blank.

Integration Team Suggestions: The FIELD is set as Required in the Merchant Interface and the FIELD is not being sent to the gateway. To change the FIELD value to NOT REQUIRED: Login to the Merchant Interface ( ), click on Settings and Profile -> Payment Form -> Form Fields and uncheck the Required box for the particular FIELD.

Other Suggestions: The word FIELD will be replaced by an actual field name. This error indicates that a field the merchant specified as required was not filled in.


Error Message: Currency is not supported. 


PayPal Pro can support different currencies, but this error suggests that the current currency chosen is "null," which will not work with any donation. Please check your gateway settings for which currency code you are currently using in your PayPal Pro set up. 

Error Message: Security Header Is Not Valid

The "Security Header Is Not Valid" error message is generated by PayPal Pro. This error indicates an issue with the login information you are using for your PayPal Pro connection. We suggest removing your credentials, and then re-entering them. If you copied and pasted the data, make sure there are no spaces before or after the information. Additionally, you can check with PayPal Pro and make sure that your PayPal Pro account is not in a test mode.

The PayPal Pro error message Error: This transaction cannot be processed due to an invalid merchant configuration typically occurs when the PayPal Pro billing agreement has not been signed, or if the billing agreement is disabled or inactive. You can find more information about PayPal Pro error codes here

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