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Daily (overnight) Processes

Some automated processes in NeonCRM occur every 24 hours via the system's scheduler. These processes include:

  • Processing Recurring Donations.
  • Processing Membership Auto-Renewals.
  • Updating and adding Complimentary Memberships.
  • Updating seasonal addresses.
  • Sending Sequential Emails.
  • Sending Membership Due and Membership Overdue System Emails according to the schedule(s) you've set up.
  • Updating all dashboard content. This includes any summary or statistical data shown on a "Home" page.
  • Calculating transaction history statistics for all accounts.
  • Scheduled duplicate scans.
  • Recalculate Donation Yearly Stats.
  • Recalculate Event Registration Yearly Stats.
  • Update the Active/Expired flag on Membership Records based on its expiration date.
  • Recalculate Membership Yearly Stats.
  • Recalculate Product Purchase Yearly Stats.
  • Send out Donation Anniversary Email/Letter if applicable.
  • Send out Event Reminder Email if applicable.
  • Send out Birthday Anniversary Email/Letter.
  • Switch Seasonal Address if an address has a valid period.
  • Sync Inspire and Custom Websites with NeonCRM pages.
  • Update MailChimp Campaign Stats.
  • Update MailChimp Campaign Email Activity.

The Neon Scheduler starts processing these tasks between 2:05 AM and 2:55 AM Central Time every day.

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns scheduled in advance are not included in the Scheduler tasks. These emails will begin sending separately at the time specified by the user who set up the campaign.

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