NeonCRM Scheduler

NeonCRM Scheduler

Some automated processes in NeonCRM occur every 24 hours via the system's scheduler. These processes include:

  • Sending scheduled Email Campaigns. Scheduled emails start sending at different times depending on the scheduler's workload on any given day. Typically, scheduled emails start sending between 3:00AM and 5:00AM Central Time. 
  • Processing Recurring Donations.
  • Processing Membership Auto-Renewals.
  • Updating and adding Complimentary Memberships.
  • Updating seasonal addresses.
  • Sending Sequential Emails.
  • Sending Membership Due and Membership Overdue System Emails according to the schedule(s) you've set up. 
  • Updating all dashboard content.  This includes any summary or statistical data shown on a "Home/Dashboard" page. 
  • Calculating transaction history statistics for all accounts. This impacts certain reporting data, such as the fiscal and calendar year totals and the first/last transaction date/amount.
  • Scheduled duplicate scans

The Neon Scheduler starts processing these tasks between 2:05 AM and 2:55 AM Central Time every day.

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