Transaction Status Definitions

Transaction Status Types & Definitions

Transaction is an umbrella term for different types of NeonCRM records, including; donations, memberships, event registrations, and store purchases.

Each transaction record in Neon is assigned a unique ID number (i.e., donation ID, membership enrollment ID, event registration ID, shopping cart ID), which can be seen from the record itself as well as in the Transaction Report.

If the payment was made via credit card or e-check/ACH, then there is also a Transaction ID number, which is generated by your gateway/merchant account when the payment is processed.


The total amount of the transaction has been paid. A successful transaction status triggers the associated System Email (i.e., Donation Appreciation, Event Registration, Membership Registration, Purchase Acknowledgement).


A DECLINED status means that the credit card information entered was declined by your gateway provider; and therefore, did not accept the Credit Card payments sent to your Gateway provider. You can see why the credit card was declined by viewing the red error message provided by your gateway vendor. This is displayed under the Payment Information section of the transaction record. You can also see the error message by hovering your mouse over the declined status.


A transaction record with a PENDING status means that the total amount of the transaction has not been paid. This status should only appear on a transaction record added by a system user from the back end. This may mean there is a partial payment or no payment at all. A record will remain in pending status until the full amount has been paid, at which point it will change to succeed.

You may come across a Pending transaction that was created by a constituent from one of your front-end forms. This can happen when a constituent:
  • excessively clicks their browser back button instead of the buttons we provide
  • clicks the submit button multiple times during credit card entry
  • tries to submit a form after their session has timed out

In cases like this where the record is missing a payment, it's best practice to reach out to the constituent to see why they had these troubles and collect their payment over the phone if necessary.

Here is the guide to managing your pending and declined transactions.
Note: If you have the PayPal Standard payment option enabled, transactions processed with that tender type will always be entered into Neon with a 'Pending' status. It may take a few days for PayPal to communicate back to Neon with the payment information. The Neon record will remain in Pending status until PayPal tells Neon whether or not the payment was successful.


This status is reserved for transactions that are submitted online using the Alternate Payment option.

Learn more about Alternate Payment here.

Deferred transactions cannot be added by a system user.

The Deferred status is also used for wait listed event registrants.

This guide has more details on how to set up and manage Event Wait Lists.


A system user can manually change a transaction status to CANCELLED. This status is not set automatically, it must be set by a system user.

Learn more about cancelling a transaction.


Note: Refunds can only be processed through Neon Payment Processing. Refunds cannot be processed or recorded in NeonCRM through any other gateway or payment method.

A transaction will have a status of Refunded under any of the following circumstances:

  • If a transaction has only one payment and the payment status is Refunded
  • If a transaction has multiple payments and all payments are Refunded
  • If a transaction has only one payment and the payment status is Dispute Lost
  • If a transaction has multiple payments and all payments have a status of Dispute Lost

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