The Power of F3

The F3 key: A Handy Tool for NeonCRM Teleportation.

NeonCRM is filled with settings, and settings within settings. The number of ways you can configure and control your system often comes with a price: a lot of text-heavy pages with a lot of buttons. You may often find it arduous to scroll through a list of items repeatedly to find that one item you're looking for- if you know it by name, but are finding it strenuous to pinpoint via mouse-scroll, or if your extraocular muscles start to feel like silly putty, most browsers allow you to search the text of an entire page and take you exactly to the location on your screen at which that text occurs.

This is accomplished via the often forgotten-about 'F3' key on your keyboard, typically located above the number 3 on the top row of numbers. 

F3 pictured above, in all its functional glory.

Pressing 'F3' should prompt a user to enter a desired string of text for matching, and if a match is found, it should jump right to the location that text occurs on the page for you. Pressing it again should hop to the next occurrence of that text, pressing again will hop to the next, and so forth. 

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    Becky Kington

    F3 is one of my favorite things to use when browsing any screen on the net.

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