Deleting Transaction Records in NeonCRM

Updated 09/29/2015 by Bethany Lang

NeonCRM does NOT issue refunds. 

Refunds must be issued by your payments gateway provider outside of NeonCRM.  The purpose of this guide is to show you how to manage a transaction record (i.e., donation, membership registration, event registration, or store purchase) in Neon AFTER the payment has been refunded either by your organization or gateway vendor. 

Deleting a transaction record will permanently remove that data from Neon.

This does not delete, cancel or in any way affect the payment itself, which is stored by your gateway vendor outside of Neon.

First, go to the NeonCRM account for the person whose payment record you'd like to remove. Scroll down to the appropriate section on their account that contains the unwanted item you are targeting for removal.



Click the row of the membership record you want to remove.


 Click on the row of the donation to remove.


 This one shows a deletion occurring from the 'Orders' subtab of the Store tab. Click on the row of the order you want to remove.



Click on the row of the event registration you wish to remove. The detailed guide to cancelling or deleting registrations is found here.


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