Embedding Google Maps in Events

Last updated 09/29/2015 by Bethany Lang

Embedding Google Maps in Events

It is fairly easy to embed a Google map showing your constituents the location of your event.

Go to http://maps.google.com and type in your address. When it shows you your location, you will see a gear icon in the bottom right corner:


Click on the Gear icon, and then click Share and embed map.


This link gives you the option to either share a URL to the Google map, or embed a map onto your a web page.


Now you can copy this source code Google has generated, go to your event's description, and copy the embed source code into your the text editor. You will have to click the Source button in the upper left corner of your editor to put it into 'Source Mode'. You can then paste the source code for your Google map into this box and save the content.



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