Clearing Browser Cache

Clearing Browser Cache

In order to see recent changes applied to your Neon forms, you may be asked to clear your cache or reset your browser. This refers to the folder of website pieces such as images that your browser keeps to help you load sites faster on repeat visits. 

Google Chrome

Select History from the drop down menu then click Clear Browsing data...


Be sure to check Empty the cache then click Clear browsing data.



Select History from the main menu then select Clear Recent History... from the drop-down of options. 


Be sure to check Cache then click Clear Now.


Other Web Browsers

For most versions of Internet Explorer you will select Tools from the top menu then select Internet Options in the drop down and click the Delete, Delete Files, or Clear button found under the Browsing History section of the General tab. In the box that pops up, make sure Temporary Internet Files and Cookies are selected then click Delete.

Some versions, like IE 7, do not display the tool bar in the top menu area by default. To enable it right click on any clear area in the top tool bar that is not a white text box and select Menu Bar from the dropdown that appears. 

For Safari on Mac, select Safari from the top menu then select the Empty Cache from the drop down that appears. For Safari on Windows, select Edit then select Empty Cache from the drop down, then click Empty. 

There are of course other browsers than those mentioned, but we've covered those most common at this time. When you are done clearing your cache, close your browser window and reopen it. You should now be able to see the new element. 

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