Account Management

Account Management 



This is the second video in the series. The Account Management video covers types of accounts, account creation, the Grants module, relationships in Neon, and personalizing your account view. We discuss three ways of storing information: activities, prospects, and notes. Lastly, we cover how duplicate accounts are formed, how to prevent them, and how to manage the duplicates that arise. 

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  • Account: a constituent record
  • Individual Account: an account for one person
  • Organization Account: an account for a group of people i.e. a company, institution, or other group
  • Relationship: a connection between accounts
  • Household: a way of keeping track of relationships amongst families and/or those who live together
  • Employment: a relationship between an employer (Organization account) and an employee (Individual account)
  • Account Relations: an alternate type of relationship between two accounts that is not a household or employment
  • Organization Contacts: your contacts at a particular organization; they may have Individual accounts or contact only records
  • Contact Record: an individual or organization that is associated with an account but does not interact with you directly
  • Household Primary Contact: first member of a household and the address holder; referred to as “Head of Household”
  • Account Note Fields: two types of note fields available to track information on accounts: account Sticky Note and Notes/Documents
  • Activities: a feature that allows System Users to record and track interactions with constituents; can be linked with Prospects and Grants
  • Prospects: a feature that allows System Users to track and record the cultivation process with an individual account
  • Grants: a feature that allows System Users to track and record the process of grant seeking: researching, applying to, soliciting and receiving grants

Video Contents and More Information


Account Basics

Grant Creation

Account Relationships


Activities, Prospects, and Notes

Duplicate Management

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