Letter Communications

Letter Communications



If your organization would like to send letters to your constituents from Neon or mark on their accounts that letters have been sent, watch the Letter Communications video. This video, the last in the series, covers three different potential situations in which you would use Neon and a letter. We demonstrate how to create the letters, use tokens, create letter conditions, and track non-letter materials. 

Instructional Video


  • System Letter: letters that are automatically generated to a mail merge queue based upon specific triggers like making a donation, registering for an event, etc.
  • Campaign Letter: mass letters like newsletters, event invitations, or end of year donation summaries
  • External Material: letter that is not created in Neon or a non-letter material
  • Letter Template: the “wrapper” of the body of the letter; the header and footer; can be customized
  • Token: a bit of code which inserts a field from an account into a letter or email; sometimes known as a mail merge field

Video Contents and More Information 


System Letters

Campaign Letters

External Materials

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