Email Communications

Email Communications



We recommend all Neon Users watch the Email Communications video next, as emailing constituents is a major part of using the CRM. This video covers the definition of and use of the three types of emails sent and tracked with Neon. As a part of that process, this video includes information about email groups, email campaign statistics, and the MailChimp integration.

Instructional Video


  • Template: the style and wrapper for webpages, emails, and letters
  • Token: a bit of code which inserts a field from an account into a letter or email; sometimes called a mail merge field
  • System Email: response emails automatically sent by Neon after a trigger action
  • Campaign Email: a mass email intended for a designated audience
  • Email Campaigns: the plural of Campaign Email
  • Email Audience: the System User identified group of recipients for a Campaign Email; an email list

Video Contents and More Information


System Emails

Campaign Emails

External Email Systems

Email Statistics

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