Membership Setup & Reporting

Membership Setup & Reporting 



If you will be using the Membership module, watch this video next. The Membership Setup & Reporting video first covers the definition of a membership based on how the Neon module works. Then, we cover how to create new memberships and global membership settings. We also cover discounts on memberships, membership directories, and reporting. 

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  • Membership: a status that you define to a constituent record for a period of time; constituents regularly pay dues to receive some sort of benefit or access to the organization
  • Member: constituent account with an active membership that has an expiration date in the future
  • Sub-Member: constituent account receiving a membership as a part of a group membership; sometimes called “child members”
  • Complimentary Membership: a NeonCRM feature that automatically assigns a membership to constituents who meet a set of conditions
  • Membership Level: categories you create to define a type of member, such as "individual" or "family" or "student“
  • Membership Term: a configuration that fills in the price and length of time for the membership; you may configure several terms for the same membership level
  • Membership Rank: number expressing the prestige of a membership; allows the organization to track whether someone has “upgraded” or “downgraded” their membership"
  • Membership Type: a category of Memberships related to the number of accounts receiving benefits
  • No Group Membership: memberships for a single entity such as a single organization
  • Household Group Membership: memberships where one individual to signs themself up for a membership and then adds household contacts (such as spouses, children, etc.) as sub-members all in the same transaction
  • Organization Group Membership: membership where one organization signs itself up for a membership and then adds company contacts (such as employees) as "child" members all in the same transaction
  • Membership Fee Discounts: a reduction in price automatically applied to membership transactions; it can be restricted to certain Membership Levels or even a select group of constituents
  • Membership Coupon Code Discounts: a reduction in price applied to membership transactions when the correct coupon code is used
  • Member Directory: member data displayed in a searchable directory format; its visibility can be restricted to logged-in members or can be made visible to the public
  • Auto-Renewal: automatic renewal renews each membership, charging the fee anew, automatically as opposed to leaving it up to the constituent to renew their membership

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