Event Setup & Reporting

Event Setup & Reporting 



If you will be using the Events module, watch this video next. The Event Setup & Reporting covers how to create and manage an event with Neon. In particular, it covers event settings, sessions, registration pages, and reporting. It includes examples of events using the 4 ticketing options and demonstrates how to set up a couple different events with varying financial structures. 

Instructional Video


  • Event: occasion with a specific duration for which you would like to receive RSVPs
  • Registrant: person registering for the event
  • Attendee: person coming to the event
  • Event Description: block of text which describes the event and appears on the event description page
  • Tax-Deductible Percentage: portion of an event registration which is a donation to the nonprofit; analogous to profit for businesses
  • Registration Page: page in the event registration form in which the registrant selects the number of tickets
  • Attendee Page: page in the event registration form in which the registrant inputs attendee information
  • Registration Summary Page: page in the event registration form which summarizes the event registration
  • Event Sessions: optional add-ons to an event which have separate tickets from the event admission
  • Ticket Prices: set payment amounts to gain admission to the event or a session
  • Conditional Ticket Group: a group of tickets which are available to constituents who meet the same set conditions
  • Event Waiver Statement: an agreement registrants must complete in order to register
  • Event Project:  volunteer opportunity for constituents to sign up to work at your event
  • Event Custom Field: a field created by a user or administrator to collect additional information; available for all event registration forms
  • Event Registrations Discounts: a discount which applies automatically to registrations for select events
  • Event Coupon Code Discounts: a discount which is only applied to an event registration if the registrant inputs a coupon code

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Event Creation



Event Settings


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