Fundraising Setup & Reporting

Fundraising Setup & Reporting 



If you will be using the Fundraising module, watch this video next. The Fundraising Setup & Reporting video covers how to add donations as a System Administrator, the three major allocations (campaign, fund, and purpose), solicitors, and social fundraising. It ends with a demonstration of how to report on your fundraising.

Instructional Video


  • Donor: someone who has made a donation/pledge
  • Donation: a contribution of money, goods, or services that is gifted or pledged
  • Recurring Donation: a contribution of money gifted on a scheduled basis
  • Honor/Memory Donation: a donation made in honor or memory of another person
  • Pledge :a donation that someone commits to give, usually by a certain date
  • Donation level: provided options of various donation amounts
  • Fundraising campaign: a method used to track how donations came into your organization
  • Default campaign: where donations are applied when donating to the Standard Donation Form
  • Fund: an internal designation for sorting and tracking income
  • Purpose: an internal designation for allocating income toward specific projects
  • Solicitor: person who solicited the donation/pledge
  • Social fundraising: a means of asking individuals/organizations from their personal networks for contributions
  • Goal: target amount of money to be raised
  • Campaign Thermometer Widget: a visual indication of progress toward a fundraising goal
  • Batch donation: method of inputting multiple donations at once; donations must be separated by tender type and account type
  • Donation Custom Fields: type of input field available for donation forms

Video Contents and More Information



Funds & Purposes


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Wealth Screening

Social Fundraising


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