Exporting Data from Salsa

NOTE: This guide includes export instructions for the most common data in this system. You may be using additional modules or storing additional data that is not discussed here, but will need to be exported in order to import into your new NeonCRM system. Please consult the documentation of your current database for more information.


Event Participants
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In this guide, we outline exporting the following types of information, which are the most commonly used modules in Salsa:

  • Supporters (also known as accounts)
  • Donations
  • Events
  • Event Participants

Exports should be saved as CSV files. For each different type of export, we have provided general instructions. For all exports, be sure to include the Supporter KEY, which serves as a link between each spreadsheet.


  • Go to Supporter > Query/Export > Select my entire list > Export to email address
  • This will export all basic contact information for the constituents in your system


  • Create a new report
  • On the Properties tab, select Standard Report
  • On the Columns tab, select the following columns for display:
    • Supporter KEY
    • Transaction Date
    • Form Of Payment
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Amount
    • Source Tracking Code
    • Recurring donation KEY
    • Donation Tracking Code
    • Tracking Code
    • Thank You Sent
    • Date Entered
    • Note
    • In Honor Name
    • In Memory Name


  • Go to Events > List Events > Export Table
  • This table will provide the event key, reference name, event name, and date/time of the event

Event Participants

  • Go to Events > List Events > Details (choose the event you wish to export) > Attendees > Full Attendee List > Export Attendees
  • Repeat this process for each event registration list that you wish to export

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