Data Export Tips

You can view our export guides for the following systems by clicking on the links below:

If your system is not listed here or the guides do not provide information specific to your data sets, then please contact your current provider or system administrator for instructions on how to best export the data.

When exporting your data from your current system to provide to NeonCRM for quoting or import purposes, keep the following things in mind:

  • Make sure to export ID numbers for each piece of data. For example, if you are exporting accounts, export the account ID. If you're exporting donations, export the donation ID. These ID numbers help us "connect the dots" of your data. Imports can take longer and cost more if no IDs are provided.
  • Include all data that you may want to importIt's far easier to cut data away if you do not wish to import it than it is to come back with more data later. In addition, often times, data that may not appear to be something that you need is actually useful in helping us understand your data better as a whole.
  • Send it in the format that you have it. We ask that you submit data in Excel or CSV format, but other than that, there are no requirements for the format of your data. We ask that you keep it in its "natural" format, so we can review it and make recommendations if it needs to be changed. If you change it before we have a chance to review, you may actually make it more difficult for us to quote or import.
  • Do not clean or modify your data. It's a natural instinct to want to clean or update your data prior to moving into a new CRM. However, we ask that you hold off on such cleanup until your data consultant has a chance to review and reconfigure your data appropriately. Your consultant can then direct you on how to do the cleanup that you would like to do. Often times, cleanup that you do before speaking to your data consultant can actually make your import more difficult.
  • Be thoughtful and realistic about the data you would like to importMany organizations plan to import everything from their old system, but find in the data review process with their consultant that they have a lot of unnecessary data. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself, "What is the use case for this data?" Do you ever need to report on it or use it for mailings or emails? Has it been kept up-to-date? When was the last time you used that data? If you haven't used it in at least six months, it may be okay to drop. Remember, you can always go back to your spreadsheets or old system to view that data if you need to.

These tips will help you get an accurate data quote and have a successful data import. If you have questions, please contact your sales representative.


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