Exporting Data from QuickBooks

NOTE: This guide includes export instructions for the most common data in this system. You may be using additional modules or storing additional data that is not discussed here, but will need to be exported in order to import into your new NeonCRM system. Please consult the documentation of your current database for more information.


Constituent Information


Since QuickBooks is an accounting software, the structure of the data is a bit different than in the NeonCRM. There are a few reports that you will need to run in order to get the information ready to import into the NeonCRM. It should be noted upfront that QuickBooks data will need some work done outside of the program in Excel. 


Desktop Installed Version: The report that you should choose will be called Income by Customer Detail* by going to Reports >> Company & Financial. Then, Customize Report and select the appropriate columns in the bottom lefthand corner of the Display tab. with following information and parameters:

  • Transaction Date: All Dates
  • Donor List: Specified (e.g. will include all records)
  • Select Columns: be sure to include pertinent financial information like Date (Transaction), Name, Name Street 1, Name Street 2, Name City, Name State, Name Zip and any other account data you are storing. Your organization may also be using Account and Class that you may wish to pull. 

If you have QuickBooks Online you may do a summary report called Transaction List by Donor instead, but this report requires a great deal more formatting in order to self-import. 

Run the report and export to Excel. QuickBooks Online will export Donor as a field that can be used to link information in the Donor Contact List.

*Terminology for Donor is a setting in Preferences.  Your organization may have set this to say Clients, Customers, Donors, Guests, Members, Patients, or Tenants but the overall field will be the same.


Unfortunately the Transaction List by Donor report can only include mailing address information and cannot include other information like phone numbers and emails. If you wish to import this further contact information you will need to run a Donor Contact List report.

Choose the report and then Customize the report to include at minimum the following fields:

  • Client
  • Phone Numbers
  • Email
  • Full Name
  • Billing Street
  • Billing City
  • Billing State
  • Billing ZIP

In order to import the data into the NeonCRM, your organization must parse the Full Name field into a First Name and Last Name. This can be done using Data tools within Excel itself.

You now have the data files that you need to import your data into NeonCRM. Remember, before you do your import, you must format your data appropriately by following our Preparing to Import Constituent Data guide. Alternatively, you can contact our sales team at 1-888-860-6366 or sales@z2systems.com for more information about having us do your data import.

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