Exporting Data from Microsoft Access


Microsoft Access Data Structure
Exporting Tables as .xls Files
Converting .xls Files to .csv Files


NeonCRM requires that all data imported through our Import Manager is in .csv file format. Microsoft Access data cannot be imported as a single .accdb Access file. However, you can export each of your data tables from Access into single .xls files. .xls files can then be saved as .csv files in Microsoft Excel, and then you can import each .csv file into NeonCRM.

Note for custom imports
If your organization is doing a custom import that is performed by NeonCRM data professionals, then it may be easiest to upload the entire Access file for our initial review instead of individual .csv files. Speak with your nonprofit sales consultant about which may be best for your organization.

Microsoft Access Data Structure

Microsoft Access is a database system. Database systems combine multiple data tables. Each data table contains different information, such as donor names and contact information, donations, campaign data, membership data, etc. These tables will depend on how you set up your Access database.

Exporting Tables as .xls Files

In order to import your Access data into NeonCRM, you will need to export each table into a separate .xls file. To do this, log in to your Access database and click the >> icon at the top of the left Navigation Pane.


This will bring up a list of all of the tables in your Access database.


If your tables do not appear this way, select the downward-facing arrow and make sure that you have selected Object Type in the Navigate To Category section and Tables in the Filter By Group section.


Once your tables appear in a list as in the screenshot above, select the External Data tab in the top ribbon.


Double-click one of your tables in the left panel to view its data. In this case, I have selected the Donors table.


To extract the data from this table to an .xls file, select the Excel icon in the External Data ribbon.


This window will appear. Select where you would like to save your file and make sure that the File format is selected as Excel Workbook (*.xlsx), then click OK.


You will receive a notification that the data was successfully exported. Click Close to exit the export wizard. Repeat these same steps to export each of your data tables from Access.

Converting .xls Files to .csv Files

Once you have exported all of your tables, you will need to convert them to .csv file format for import into Neon. To do this, open each file in Excel. Select the green File option in the upper-right corner.


Select Save As.


When the Save As window opens, under Save as type, select CSV (Comma delimited) and click Save. Repeat this process for each of the .xls files that you exported from Access.


You now have the data files that you need to import your data into NeonCRM. Remember, before you do your import, you must format your data appropriately by following our Preparing to Import Constituent Data guide. Alternatively, you can contact our sales team at 1-888-860-6366 or sales@z2systems.com for more information about having us do your data import.

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