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Logging In

Your Account Manager will send you a link to your NeonCRM login page once your system is ready. The login page will look like this:

This login page will be used for both your System Users and your constituents. Neon will know where to direct you based upon the login name and password that you input - if you are a System User, you will be directed to the back-end of Neon; if they are a constituent, they will be directed to the Constituent Login Portal.


Components of the Admin Dashboard

Once you are logged in, you will be taken to the Admin Dashboard (aka Mission Control):


1. Left Navigation

This panel allows you to navigate between modules in NeonCRM, such as Fundraising, Membership, Events, Store, etc. Clicking a module name will bring up a drop-down menu of activities that you can do related to that module, such as entering a donation for Fundraising or entering a new membership registration for Membership.

2. Top Menu Bar

The Top Menu Bar contains several useful items:

  • Action Log displays account changes that have been made by system users and logged in constituents in NeonCRM
  • Help & Support provides a drop down menu with the below options:
    • Knowledge Base
    • Training Videos
    • Training, Consulting, & Data Services
    • Contact Technical Support
  • Search Bar: This search bar is not case-sensitive. When searching by name, we recommend using last name only ("jones") or last name, first name ("jones, jane").
  • Advanced Search: This option provides a more granular approach to searching for accounts. Click in the search bar to reveal this option.

3. NeonCRM Updates

This panel will allow you to retrieve pop-up messages from the NeonCRM team. These messages will appear periodically when you log in to NeonCRM with information about product updates, upcoming webinars, and more.


When you select Do not show again, NeonCRM will not display this particular message as a pop-up again (it will, however, display the message the next time that our NeonCRM team changes it). If you select this option and do want to view the message again, you can select the "i" icon in the NeonCRM Updates panel.


4. Status Message and Admin Dashboard

This page allows each system user to configure a set of widgets that shows them the particular information they want to see the moment they log in. This could include a list of incomplete transactions, the list of their favorite accounts, current stats on campaigns or memberships, etc.

For more details on how to configure the Mission Control page, please click here.


Account Tab Home Page

In addition to the main login page, your Account tab Home page has some useful features.

You can see this page by navigating to Account > Home/Dashboard.

Activities Calendar

The Activities Calendar displays upcoming activities that you have created using the Activity feature. Activities will only display if they are assigned to the System User who is logged in - for example, when I am logged in as the System User John Doe, I will only see my own activities, not the activities assigned to my colleague Jane Smith.

When an activity is set for a day that is visible on the monthly calendar, the date will display in bold and grey. You can click on this date to view more detail about the activities set for that date. NeonCRM will also display a "My Activities" panel if there are upcoming activities assigned to this System User.

To Do List

Scheduled Duplicate Scans

Below the To Do list on the Home/Dashboard page, you will find the Scheduled Duplicate Scans list. There you will find a list of the latest scans run on your accounts database, and buttons for acting on these scans.

Returning to the Admin Dashboard

You can always return to the Admin Dashboard by clicking your organization's logo at the top left of your NeonCRM screen, or by clicking the Mission Control link in the left navigation menu.




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