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Connect Eventbrite to NeonCRM
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Eventbrite Details on a Neon Account
Eventbrite Details in Neon Reports
What Data is Synced from Eventbrite to NeonCRM?
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Eventbrite is an online event ticketing service that you may already be using to manage your events. This integration finds your attendees in Eventbrite and links these registrations to NeonCRM accounts. The integration also introduces enhanced reporting capabilities allowing organizations to query Eventbrite data inline with NeonCRM's other reporting capabilities and email audience building. 

You can use it in addition to or instead of NeonCRM's event module. Eventbrite registrations are completely separate from NeonCRM transactions, and are not counted in transaction totals or QuickBooks syncs. 

Learn more about Eventbrite here.

The Eventbrite Integration is included in our Impact and Empower packages. To enable the integration, please contact our Client Success department at

Connect Eventbrite to NeonCRM

In NeonCRM, navigate to System Settings > System Settings Home > Third-Party Integrations > Eventbrite


Click Authorize Eventbrite Access.

You will be shown a pop-up window that asks for your Eventbrite credentials. After you log in, you will be given the option to authorize NeonCRM to access your Eventbrite account. You will want to do this. Click whatever button they show you.

***The login information used must be that of the Primary Eventbrite Account Holder*** If a sub-user's login information is used, events in Evenbrite will not sync over to NeonCRM. 


Sync Eventbrite Events

Access the NeonCRM - Eventbrite sync from the Welcome and Account Dashboard's To Do List


To pull in your Eventbrite events, click Sync Event(s).


A list of synced events will then appear below.

If you do not wish to see or work on an event, select the event and click Archive Event(s). You can view them later by checking Show Archived Events.

To see the details and attendees for a certain event, click that event's name


Sync and Match Eventbrite Attendees

Once you are viewing an event's details, you can pull in a list of attendees and match this list with your NeonCRM accounts.

Click Check for Updates to pull in your most recent registrations.


The attendees who signed up will appear below.

At first, these accounts will not be linked to any Neon accounts.

To link them and/or create accounts for them, click Update Event Attendees. 


This starts a multi-step process for matching attendees to NeonCRM Accounts.

Depending on your choices in each step, some steps may not be required and will be skipped.  

Step 1 - NeonCRM-Matched accounts

NeonCRM will search based on Full Name and Email Address to suggest matches with existing accounts.

Keep the box checked and click continue if these matches are correct. 

If the matches are incorrect, uncheck the box next to the Eventbrite attendee. You can search for a different match or create a new account in step 3.


 Step 2 - Choose between multiple matching accounts 

If there are multiple possible matches for an attendee, you will see step 2. This will provide match information about each account so that you can decide which should be associated with the registration.


Step 3 - Search for matches

This step lists any accounts that could not be automatically matched or that were unchecked in Step 1. 

Either create a new account or use a name search to find and choose an existing account as a match. Click the magnifying glass to start your search.

If, instead, you would like to just ignore this Eventbrite attendee and not link or add them to NeonCRM, uncheck the box next to the attendee's name. 


Step 4 - Cancelled and Deleted Registrations

Step 4 exists if you have deleted any registrations within Eventbrite. This step will detach the registration from the linked Neon account.

Clicking Check for Updates will also automatically remove deleted registrations from associated accounts.

Cancelled registrations will automatically update to a status of Not Attending when Check for Updates is clicked.

Step 5 - Summary

This step will provide a summary of the previous steps before you confirm. Click Submit to confirm, or Back to make changes.


Back on the event detail page, you will see your attendees are now linked to NeonCRM accounts.

To unlink any of them, check the box next to their name and click Unlink Attendees.


EventBrite Details on a Neon Account

Eventbrite attendance history will appear on the Eventbrite History section of an account page. 


If you do not see this section on your accounts, click Page Settings and move Eventbrite History from the left column to the right. 


Eventbrite Details in Neon Reports

You can search based on Eventbrite criteria in most account-based reports, such as the Mailing Report, Email List, and All Accounts Report


To view Eventbrite information as columns, run an Eventbrite Attendee Report, currently only available with NeonCRM's event module. 



What data is synced over from Eventbrite to NeonCRM?

Event Details:


Attendee Details:



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