Address Updates with Melissa Data (NCOA)

Address Updates with Melissa Data (NCOA)

Frequently Asked Questions


NeonCRM's NCOA Update service, in partnership with Melissa Data, provides updated mailing address data for account records in your NeonCRM database. This service includes the export of name and address data from your NeonCRM system to be cleaned and checked against the USPS National Change of Address (NCOA) database, and the import of updated address data back into your NeonCRM system. The scan uses Melissa Data's NCOALink service, which includes approximately 160 million records, including all permanent change-of-address records filed with USPS in the last 48 months.


  • $350 for databases with fewer than 25,000 accounts
  • Cost estimate available upon request for databases with greater than 25,000 accounts

To request this service, please fill out our NCOA Update Request Form or contact your Neon Account Manager.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for an address update to be completed?

NCOA updates can take up to five business days. This timeline begins upon payment.

When should I request address update services?

Address update services are very helpful to complete before a large mailing, such as a year-end appeal or event invitation. Having updated addresses will save postage and ensure that you are reaching as many constituents as possible.

In order to ensure that addresses are updated but do not become out-of-date, we recommend requesting address update services two weeks prior to a major mailing. For example, if you plan to send your year-end appeal letter in mid-November, request services in late October.

Can this service be used for Canadian and/or international addresses?

Unfortunately, no. This service only works for United States addresses. Canadian and international addresses will be ignored in the scan.

What data will be used to determine if an address needs to be updated?

NeonCRM will provide the First Name, Last Name, Organization Name, Address, City, State, and five-digit Zip fields to Melissa Data for review. These fields will be used to determine if there are more up-to-date addresses for your account records.

If a more up-to-date address is found for an account record, what will happen to the old address in NeonCRM?

We will overwrite the old address with the new, updated address from Melissa Data. The old addresses will not be retained in NeonCRM.

How will I know which addresses were updated by the address update?

A report of all addresses changed through the address update service will be provided upon request once the service is complete. This report includes a list of all addresses, their update status, and the Melissa Data Result Code. A record of address changes will not be stored in the NeonCRM database itself.

What is the format for updated addresses retrieved from Melissa Data?

Updated address are imported into NeonCRM in USPS format. This format abbreviates street type designations and cardinal directions and includes a 9-digit zip code. Apartments and other additional address data is included in Address Line 1. An example of how an updated address would look in Neon is below:


Does the service update secondary addresses in my NeonCRM system?

Neon's NCOA Update service updates the primary address of all individual accounts and the address of the primary contact on all organization accounts. Secondary addresses and secondary contact addresses are not updated.

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