DonorSearch Integration

NeonCRM's integration with DonorSearch allows you to quickly look up your constituents in the DonorSearch application. This integration does not store any data from DonorSearch in NeonCRM, it simply makes the lookup process faster and easier.

You must have an existing account with DonorSearch to use this integration. NeonCRM can onboard organizations for the DonorSearch service directly. If you need to obtain a user account for DonorSearch, sign up here to speak to a Neon representative.

Configuring the Integration

1. Obtain a user account from DonorSearch. If you do not already have one, contact

2. In NeonCRM, navigate to System Settings> System Settings Home> Third-Party Integrations> DonorSearch.

3. Enter your DonorSearch User Name & Password and click Add DonorSearch Account.This will then generate your unique Donor Search Key. Press Submit to finalize the process.

Using DonorSearch from NeonCRM

Once you have entered your DonorSearch login information, you will be able to see the Wealth Screening section on individual account detail pages.

To search for this account in DonorSearch, click the Search DonorSearch button. This will launch DonorSearch in a separate browser window and retrieve information about this individual.


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