DonorPath Integration

NeonCRM's integration with DonorPath allows your organization to automatically push constituent and transaction information to that system for analysis in DonorPath. This integration does not store any data from DonorPath in NeonCRM, since our system will be the primary depository for all constituent information.

You must have an existing account with DonorPath to use this integration. To sign up for this, go here.

Setting up your API Key for DonorPath

In order to utilize a direct synchronization between NeonCRM and DonorPath, your organization must first create an API Key specific to DonorPath. To do so, follow the instructions in this guide. We have actually used DonorPath as the example for creation of any API Key.

Connecting DonorPath to NeonCRM using your API Key

In your DonorPath system, your organization will be given an option to choose NeonCRM as the primary database that DonorPath will draw data from. Here is a screenshot of where you put enter the API Key that you received in the step above.


Creating Segmentations for use in DonorPath

While DonorPath has basic segmentations for analyzing donor information, your organization can also bring in existing Individual and Organization Types to help create deeper filtering possibilities when utilizing DonorPath. When creating your initial mapping between NeonCRM and DonorPath, you can automatically pull in options based on Individual and Organization Types and map it in DonorPath. Below is a screenshot of an example of this with data pulled in from NeonCRM.

IMPORTANT - in order to leverage this segmentation capability, your constituent records need to have an Individual or Organization Type applied to them. Records without Individual and Organization Type will still be pulled over but not have the extra filters applied to them. Set up your Individual and Organization Types by following this guide. You can add these when creating or editing an account in NeonCRM.

It should also be noted that different Transaction Types will also be available for segmentation. No extra configuration is needed since the differences between Donations, Memberships, Events, and Store Purchases have already been programmed.

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