Using MailChimp with NeonCRM

Using MailChimp with NeonCRM


Sending a NeonCRM Audience to MailChimp
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MailChimp is a third-party service that allows you to design great-looking email newsletters, share them on social networks, and integrate closely with NeonCRM. We have built a connection which allows you to create email audiences in NeonCRM and send emails to those audiences using MailChimp. Once sent, some email campaign statistics come back to NeonCRM, and are visible on account records. The strength of this integration is that you can take advantage of MailChimp’s excellent template builder and send beautiful newsletters.

MailChimp offers three pricing plans (including a free option) based upon the number of emails plan to send and the number of people that you plan to send to. Any MailChimp fees are in addition to your NeonCRM fees, but use of the integration is free of charge. Click here to view MailChimp's pricing options. If you do not already have a MailChimp account, click here to create one.

Some things to keep in mind:

  1. The MailChimp integration does not replace NeonCRM's Email Campaigns. With the integration, you can use NeonCRM and/or MailChimp to send these emails.
  2. The MailChimp integration is strictly for campaign (mass) emails. System Emails must still be sent via NeonCRM.

Sending a NeonCRM Audience to MailChimp

In order to send NeonCRM email audiences to MailChimp, you must first set up the connection between the two systems. If you have not done this yet, click here to learn how.

The process for sending an Audience to MailChimp is:

  1. Create a List in MailChimp
  2. Create an Audience in NeonCRM
  3. Send your NeonCRM audience to your MailChimp List
  4. Send email using MailChimp
  5. View your email's results in NeonCRM

1. Create a List in MailChimp

This is critical. NeonCRM cannot send an audience to MailChimp unless a destination mailing list already exists.

Log in to your MailChimp account. From the navigation menu, click on Lists.



Click Create List, and then choose Create List.


Fill out the required information about your new MailChimp mailing list.


At the bottom of the page, click Save.


You have created a list in MailChimp. Now, you can send constituents from a NeonCRM audience to populate this list.

2. Create an Audience in NeonCRM

We have found that lists of about 5,000 are as large of an audience as you should push over to MailChimp. Larger audiences will take a long time to transfer between systems, and may encounter errors. If you need to send a large list, try breaking it into smaller parts for transfer.

You may either create a new Audience in NeonCRM or use an existing audience. Further information on creating Audiences can be found here.

It is important to note that all three Audience Types (Standard Email Audience, Distribution List, and Report-Only List) can be sent to MailChimp. However, if you want to send any data beyond simple contact information (Name, Prefix, Suffix, Email), you will need to select Report-Only List.

Report-Only Lists are slightly more complex, but give you a great deal of power for including constituent data as tokens in your email campaigns. Refer to our guides on Audiences for more information.

3. Send your Audience to your MailChimp List

From an Audience, find the Email List section, and click Send Audience to MailChimp.  


This brings up a page that connects to your MailChimp account and pulls in all of your existing mailing lists. Select the list to which you would like to push your constituent data.  


After clicking Next, you will be presented with a page where you must map your fields. Mapping is how you tell NeonCRM to arrange your data on the MailChimp list.

Use the drop-down menus to select the destinations for your data. If you are moving a field that exists in NeonCRM, but does not exist in MailChimp, you can select Create this field in MailChimp. Doing this creates a new field in your MailChimp list and adds in the data you have selected.


Click Submit when you are finished. This sends your audience to MailChimp. Log in to MailChimp and open your list to ensure that the data was transferred successfully.


Updating your MailChimp list

Audiences sent from NeonCRM to MailChimp will not update automatically. If your NeonCRM audience changes, you can use the steps above to resend your Neon audience to append the MailChimp list manually. We strongly recommend that you delete all email addresses from your MailChimp list before resending audience data from NeonCRM to MailChimp. This way, any email addresses removed from the NeonCRM audience will be removed from the corresponding MailChimp list.

MailChimp will check for duplicates within the list and remember which emails bounced or unsubscribed from that list. Read more about their methods here.

4. Send your email using MailChimp

At this point, you have completed all steps necessary to prepare your data for sending emails. You'll need to move over to MailChimp and create your emails.

MailChimp is very easy to learn. Their excellent guides are a great place to get started.

5. View your email's results in NeonCRM

After you have sent your email from within MailChimp, the statistics will send back to NeonCRM. This usually takes about a day to complete.

To see the overall statistics from a MailChimp email campaign in NeonCRM, navigate to: 

Communications > Email Campaign Statistics > MailChimp Email Statistic Summary


You can also view the email statistics of each individual account. Navigate to their Neon account page and find the section labeled MailChimp Email Communication History.



Q. What kind of audience can I send to MailChimp?

A. You can send any Neon audience type to MailChimp after you have created it. We recommend audiences with under 5000 emails for the best connection results.  If you need to send information other than Name, Email, and Account ID, you will need to use a Report Only List to sent his information. Read more below.

Q. How do I send [[This Field in Neon]] to MailChimp with my audience?

A. The only way to get a Neon field (other than name, email, and account #) onto a MailChimp list is to build an audience from a Report Only List. Click New Audience, select Report Only List and add a new search. If it is a custom field, the column you are looking for is probably not available in the standard Constituent Contact Information offered, so you'll want to Select My Own Report Type to use a report that can pull in custom data. An Email report should do the trick. Find your Custom Field under the Attribute search criteria tab.

Once you have completed your search, send it over to MailChimp, then you will be prompted to map your column to fields to the ones available in MailChimp. 
Here is our guide on Report only Lists.

Q. Once my audience is pushed to a list is there any way for it to remain updated?

A. Our integration with MailChimp is a one-way push. While standard email audiences populated through a Neon database search will constantly update, these updated audiences will need to be manually pushed to MailChimp each time you would like a MailChimp list to be up to date.

Q. How do unsubscriptions (opt-outs) work between the two systems?

A. MailChimp and NEON track unsubscribes separately. For MailChimp, a constituent unsubscribes from a specific list, while in Neon, a constituent opts out from all campaign emails. Due to this difference in logic, MailChimp unsubscribes are not passed back or marked on NeonCRM accounts, however, they will not receive any subsequent MailChimp emails from that unsubscribed MailChimp list.

When you resend an email audience from Neon to MailChimp, use its corresponding MailChimp list each time. Any new email addresses in your email audience will be added, MailChimp will automatically de-duplicate your list to ensure that duplicates do not occur, and anyone who has unsubscribed from that MailChimp list will remain unsubscribed.

If someone opts out of a list in MailChimp and you believe they would not like to receive any further blasts from you (even from within Neon), you can download MailChimp's unsubscribes list and update those accounts in Neon as unsubscribed. Here is a guide with steps for updating accounts using the import manager.

Q. If I delete all emails from a MailChimp List before I update it with a push from Neon, will it delete the email communication history and statistics for the previous Neon accounts?

A. No. Email statistics stored in NeonCRM that were pushed in by MailChimp will not change.  Those stats are "email campaign" related, not audience related.

Q. I do not see a MailChimp Email that I sent to a constituent in that person's MailChimp Email Communication History. Why is that?

A. MailChimp Statistics typically take a day to appear in Neon. Additionally, a record of a MailChimp email will only appear in the MailChimp Email Communication History if that email has been opened or clicked by the email recipient.

Q. I see a MailChimp Campaign Email that I sent to a constituent in that person's MailChimp Email Communication History, but I don't see any opens or clicks even though they appear in the reports I pull from MailChimp. Why is that?

A. MailChimp Statistics will only be pulled into Neon for the first 3 days after the campaign was sent. If a recipient opens or clicks on your MailChimp email after 3 days, it will not be recorded in Neon. For a complete view of all activity related to your campaign, run the reports available from your MailChimp account.

Q. Can I use segmented MailChimp lists with NeonCRM?

A. NeonCRM does not support segmented MailChimp lists.

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