Adding Mail Merges to Material Tracking

Adding Mail Merges to Material Tracking


Tracking Merges from Reports
Tracking Merges from the Merge Queue
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The mail merging features within NeonCRM are connected to the Material Tracking feature. This means you can track the merged print materials sent to constituents on each account's record. There are two ways to create mail merges from NeonCRM, and both have a method for creating a Material Tracking record.

Tracking Merges from Reports

Merges can be tracked from Mailing Reports. To create a mailing report, navigate to: Reports > New Report and select Mailing Report from the menu.

On the page displaying results, click Create Mailing from the Export Results options.


This will give you several options for exporting your data, as well as the option to track the merge using Material Tracking.

To track the mailing, select the box for Track this Merge. Using the dropdown menu, you can select an existing material type. If the type of material does not exist yet, you can click the Green Plus Button to create a new type of material to track.


This brings up a window, where you enter the details for your new material type. Click Submit when finished.


Click Continue to complete the creation of tracking. Complete your mail merge as normal.

Tracking Merges from the Merge Queue

To track mail merges from the Merge Queue, you will be prompted to track your merges after clicking a Mark Complete button.


From this screen, select the material type or create a new one, as explained above. Click Track Merge to continue.


What next?

After you have sent the records to Material Tracking, you can continue the process of marking the materials sent. This is described in the Material Tracking guide.

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