Preparing Event Registration Data

Required Fields
Available Fields
Data Structure
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Required Fields

As noted in the Available Fields section of this guide, the following fields are required when importing event registration data:

Available Fields

The following fields are available for event registration import using the Import Manager:

Field Name Explanation Example Configure in NeonCRM before importing? Required for Importing? Required Values? Field Selection Type Type of Data Max Characters
Attended Did the person who registered for the event attend it?       1=Yes, 0=No Checkbox Boolean 1
Check # Check Number 101       Free-entry Text 100
Cost Event Registration Fee amount paid 150.00 Yes Yes   Free-entry Text 100
End Date End date of the event         Date Date  
Event Name Name of the Event     Yes   Free-entry Text 100
Event Registration Note Staff note on the event registration         Free-entry Text 100
Event Registration Status Status of the transaction (successful, unsuccessful) Succeed     Succeed, Pending, Declined, Cancelled, Deferred Drop-down Text 100
Tender Type Tender type used for this transaction Cash Yes     Drop-down Text 100
Registration Date Date they registered for the event 01/01/2010   Yes   Date Date  
Source What is the Source of the event registration? Web       Drop-down Text 100
Start Date Start date of the event 01/01/2010 Yes     Date Date  

Data Structure

Event registration data should be structured where each donation is on a row and each column is a NeonCRM donation field:



Certain types of data are not able to imported using the Import Manager. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Event attendees
  • Event sessions
  • Event custom fields
  • General event custom fields
  • Event-specific custom fields
  • Events with multiple ticket prices, multiple attendees per ticket

Import Template

A sample template for event registration import is available for download here.

Import Assistance

Assistance with troubleshooting imports as well as formatting data for import is only provided via consultation. For more information and to fill out a form requesting a consultation, please visit our NeonCRM Consultation page here. If the Import Manager limitations include data that you need to import, we can do a full custom import for you. For more information, please contact your account manager.

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