Import Manager

A list of all previous imports can be found by navigating to: Account tab > Import Manager.


The columns contain information about each import:


  • Continue - continue an incomplete import from the last completed step.
  • Delete - undo the selected import.
  • In Progress - another system user is currently working on this import (seen in place of Delete.)
Learn about deleting/undoing imports here.

You will only see the Continue option on imports that you created. For imports created by another user, the only visible options will be Delete or In Progress.

It is not possible to delete an import that is In Progress by another user.


By default, the title will be "Import mm dd yyyy" unless you give it a different Title in the import process.


The date and time that the import was created.

System Name

If applicable, the name of the external database from which you imported this data. Click on the name to edit.


Accounts Added

Displays the number of new accounts imported.

Account Updated

Displays the number of current accounts updated in an account batch update

Duplicates, Not Imported

Displays the number of accounts that were NOT imported because Neon identified them as duplicates.


Displays the number of imported donation records.


Displays the number of imported membership records.


Displays the number of imported event registration records.


For incomplete imports, tells you where you left off in the import process. Completed imports will say "Finished." As of 6/25/16, all finished imports will also include a link to view the mapping used for the import.


Displays the number of invalid records that could not be imported.


Name of the system user that performed this import.

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