Quick Import

Quick Import

The Quick Import tool provides a quick and easy way to add a batch of accounts to your database without using the standard Import Manager.

To access the Quick Import tool, navigate to Account Tab > Import Manager and click on Quick Import.

From this page, you can either manually type in the account information or paste it directly from a spreadsheet. Your spreadsheet columns should be set up in the order shown in the Quick Import tool.

If you choose to paste from Excel, please note that you can only paste to this sheet once per import. To paste, select the first cell and hit Ctrl + V (Command + V for Mac users).

Importing Individual Accounts

The default page is for importing individual accounts. You cannot import organization accounts from this page.

Importing Organization Accounts

To import organization accounts, click on the below link to change to the Organization Quick Import form. Note that the spreadsheet columns are slightly different.

Quick Import Commands

Check Data

This checks your data for any issues (as described in the Data Problems section below).

Save My Work

This saves your import without creating NeonCRM accounts, so you can come back later and finish making changes before importing. You can access saved imports by navigating to: Account Tab > Import Manager.


This imports your data into NeonCRM and creates accounts. This can be reversed by navigating to: Account Tab > Import Manager and clicking Delete next to the import you wish to reverse.


This removes all currently-entered data from the quick import sheet.


This cancels the import process and sends you back to the Import Manager dashboard. All unsaved data will be lost.

Data Problems

NeonCRM highlights data cells that contain problems. While you can proceed with an import of problematic data, we don't recommend it. Here are some explanations for common problems:


NeonCRM requires a first name and last name to create an account. 


This import tool requires states to be formatted as two-letter state codes. This includes Canadian provinces.

ZIP Code

Zip codes must be at least five digits long.


Email addresses must be complete and correctly formatted.

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