Undoing an Import


Deleting an Import
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Neon will prevent you from deleting imported accounts if:

  • Transactions (donations, event registrations, memberships, and store purchases) have been added to any of those accounts subsequent to the import.  
  • Households or Account Relationships have been added to any of those accounts subsequent to the import.  

Account Batch Update imports cannot be undone. You can delete the import history record from the list under the Import Manager, but this will not undo the updates made to the accounts.

Deleting an Import

You can undo an import of accounts, donations, memberships, or events that you have imported through the Import Manager, accessible via the Accounts tab.

For the items that you wish to delete (accounts, donations, memberships, or events), select the linked number.

To delete an import of accounts, you must first delete the transactions (i.e., donations, memberships, events) that you imported during that import session, as they are subsidiary to your accounts.

After removing any donations, membership, and event info you have imported, you can then remove the accounts. The process is exactly the same regardless of imported record type.


 The next screen will display the accounts that were imported.

Click Delete these accounts to undo the import. You will be notified that the deletion was successful.


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