Importing Data in NeonCRM

Limitations of the Import Manager
Importing Standard and Custom Fields
Import vs. Account Batch Update
Import Templates (optional)
Import Manager Overview Video

Assistance with Import

Assistance with troubleshooting imports as well as formatting data for import is only provided via consultation. For more information and to fill out a form requesting a consultation, please visit our NeonCRM Consultation page here.


NeonCRM's Import Manager allows you to import data into your system using .CSV files. The following types of data are available for import:

A full list of fields that are available for import in NeonCRM is available in our NeonCRM Import Field Guide.

In addition, the Import Manager allows you to batch update existing NeonCRM accounts. A full list of fields available for account batch update is available here.

Limitations of the Import Manager

Certain types of data are not available for import using the Import Manager. These include (but are not limited to):


  • Relationships - any links between accounts, including household, employment, and/or account relations
  • Individual- and organization-specific account custom fields
  • Activities, prospects, and grants
  • Secondary contacts
  • Volunteer data
  • Timesheet data
  • Seasonal addresses
  • More than two addresses


  • Recurring donations
  • Payments linked to pledges
  • Pledge write-off amounts
  • Soft credits
  • Solicitors

Event Registrations

  • Event attendees
  • Event sessions
  • Event custom fields
  • General event custom fields
  • Event-specific custom fields
  • Events with multiple ticket prices, multiple attendees per ticket


  • Membership auto-renewals
  • Lifetime memberships
  • Multi-year (more than one year) memberships
  • Individual and/or organization group memberships


  • All Store data
Note: Imported Data will not be reflected on Dashboards or Reports until NeonCRM's Nightly Scheduler runs.

Importing Standard and Custom Fields

Both standard and custom fields are available for import using the Import Manager. You may import custom fields for accounts, donations, and/or memberships. Custom fields must be pre-configured in NeonCRM before importing data into the field. For more information, please see the Configuring Custom Fields guide here.

Import vs. Account Batch Update

Import refers to using the Import Manager to add new accounts to your NeonCRM system. Account Batch Update refers to using NeonCRM account IDs to update existing accounts in your NeonCRM system.

Note that a single spreadsheet cannot be used for both import and account batch update. If you have a spreadsheet that contains NeonCRM account IDs for existing accounts but also contains new accounts, you need to separate your data into two separate spreadsheets and use the Import Manager twice - once to update existing accounts using account batch update, and once to import new accounts.

Import Templates (optional)

The following templates are provided as a resource, but they are not inclusive of all fields available to import. If additional fields, including custom fields, need to be imported, additional columns can be added to the spreadsheet. In addition, not all columns that are listed must be used. Columns that are required for the import are marked as such. On the templates, the top row is the header row, which must be included in the imported spreadsheet. Row 2 provides example data. Finally, these files are not formatted as CSV files. Prior to doing the import, you must convert your files to CSV.

Account Data Template

Donation Data Template

Membership Data Template

Event Registration Data Template

Import Manager Overview Video

We've made some changes to NeonCRM's theme and navigation menu. As we update our guides, you may find that there are some slight differences between the video and the system. We apologize for the inconvenience as we make these improvements.

The video below walks through doing an import of accounts and transactions.

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