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Adding a PayPal Payment Option to Your Neon forms
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Adding a PayPal Payment Option to Your Neon Forms

PayPal offers multiple levels of service and many organizations have an existing PayPal Standard account that they would like to connect to NeonCRM forms. An option to pay via PayPal can be added to your Neon credit card payment page from the Payments & Transactions section of your System Settings dashboard.

PayPal Standard is NOT a credit card gateway. It is a tender type and therefore does NOT have the same capabilities as a gateway when linked with your Neon forms. PayPal Standard is intended for use in conjunction with a credit card gateway.

There are two types of PayPal payment methods offered by NeonCRM for online forms:

  1. PayPal Standard
  2. PayPal Pro

For more information about the difference between the two, please see PayPal’s comparison chart.

Note: Payflow cannot be used with NeonCRM.

PayPal Standard Payment Option vs. PayPal Pro Gateway Integration: Differences & Limitations

The differences between the two PayPal payment types, when used with NeonCRM, are listed below. PayPal Pro is a payments gateway so any PayPal Pro capabilities described in this guide are also true of other supported gateway vendors.

The Constituent Experience

PayPal Standard

  • Selecting the PayPal option takes your constituents away from your NeonCRM payment page. When using PayPal Standard, submitting your form will take the constituent to the secure PayPal website for the user to log in or pay by credit card.
  • PayPal handles the complete checkout experience and then returns the user to your site.

PayPal Pro

  • This is a full gateway integration.
  • PayPal Pro allows the user to submit their payment directly from your NeonCRM forms. From the constituent's perspective, it's as if they never leave your website.

Payment Processing Capabilities

Adding the PayPal Standard payment option to your Neon forms has several notable limitations, as described below. PayPal Standard should NOT be used as your primary means of processing online payments with Neon.

  • PayPal Standard does NOT support recurring payments (i.e., recurring donations, membership auto-renewals). If a constituent chooses to set up a recurring payment, the PayPal Standard option will automatically be disabled on your payment forms.
  • Neon does NOT support multiple PayPal Standard accounts & this payment option is NOT supported for the multiple gateway mapping.
  • It takes some time for PayPal Standard to communicate back to Neon, so transactions will always be entered into Neon with a "Pending" status.
  • PayPal Standard can only be used to process transactions on your front-end forms (when enabled). PayPal Standard cannot be used to process transactions on the back-end of NeonCRM.
  • The Credit Card Processing Fees which you can configure in Neon will not be applied if a constituent submits payment through PayPal Standard, because they are being externally redirected to submit payment on PayPal's site.

Neon Set Up

PayPal Pro

Set up your PayPal Pro gateway as a system user following the instructions in the Gateway Setup guide.

PayPal Standard

If you do wish to use PayPal Standard with Neon, please make sure that Instant Payment Notification (IPN) is turned on in your PayPal Profile.

While logged in to your PayPal Standard account, you can navigate to My Account > Profile > Instant Payment Notification preferences to turn this option on.

Also, if you add the following URL to your IPN settings, this should help change any future successful PayPal Standard transaction from "Pending" to "Success".[yourorgid]/paypalNotify.jsp

Make sure that you replicate [yourorgid] with your organization's Organization ID. This can be found in NeonCRM's Organization Profile.

Add the PayPal payment option to your Neon forms by doing the following:

  1. Navigate to System Settings > System Settings Home >Payments & Transactions and click PayPal Standard.
  2. On the setup page, enter the email address associated with your PayPal Standard account and set the PayPal Standard Button to On. Click the Save button to save your changes.
  3. Activate PayPal under your list of Tender Types in Neon. This will add the PayPal payment option to your Credit Card form, as shown in the examples below.

Classic Markup


Responsive Markup


Note: The label of the yellow PayPal button depends on the type of transaction. The above example is from a donation page, so the PayPal button reads "Donate".

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