Viewing & Printing Transaction History from the Constituent Login Portal

Constituents can access their account transaction history (i.e. donations, event registrations, memberships, store purchases) with your organization from your Constituent Login Portal. Neon provides some Standard Menu Options that direct logged in constituents to pages where they can view and print their transaction history with your organization.

These include:

  • My Donation - donation history
  • My Membership - membership history
  • My Registered Event - event registration history
  • My Orders - store purchase history


You can set Custom Display Names for any Standard Menu Options, as shown below.


The Custom Display Name is what will appear in the dropdown menu from the constituent login portal.

Learn how to customize the options available under the "what would you like to do?" dropdown menu.
For example, constituents can access their donation history by logging in to their Neon account and selecting "My Donation" from the dropdown menu. This will take them to the Donation page, where they will see a History section listing all past donations. Successful transactions will not display a status from this page but cancelled, deferred, declined or pending transactions will marked as such.

Click 'Details' to access the donation details and print the record.

Clicking 'View' will open a pop-up window with the details of that transaction record. The constituent can print out a copy of this record directly from this page.

What transaction information is displayed in the Constituent Login view?

By default, your constituents will see the standard NeonCRM fields associated with that type of transaction. Any Custom fields will be hidden.

However, you can change this configuration by going to System Settings > System Settings Home > Constituent Login Portal and clicking Transaction History Configuration.


This takes you to a page where you can set various fields as Visible or Hidden for Donations, Event Registrations and/or Memberships.


Each transaction type has several standard fields that can be configured as well as all custom fields.

Note: It is only possible to hide or display all custom fields for each transaction type - i.e. all membership fields, all event registration fields etc.

To save your new transaction view, click the "Save Settings" button in the top right corner. Clicking "Undo Changes" reverts your settings to the last saved configuration.

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