Custom Form Acknowledgement Email

Custom Form Acknowledgement Email
Add the Email 1 Field to your Form Page
NEON Default Email
New Email
Updating the Custom Form/Survey Acknowledgement Email
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Acknowledgement Email 

When creating a new custom form, you can configure the form acknowledgement email after selecting Detail next to the survey/form name in Forms & Pages > Custom Forms & Surveys.

If your custom form shows the Acknowledgement Email as Not Set, that means the email is currently disabled, as shown in the example below.


To enable this email, you can create a New Email or use the NEON Default Email by clicking on the blue hyperlink. 


Once enabled, it will look like this:


If you enable the acknowledgement email for a form that is set up to accept membership registrations or donations, Neon will send the respective system email in addition to the custom form acknowledgement email. 

Tip: Once you enable the form acknowledgement email, add your email to the BCC field to receive a copy. You enter the BCC email(s) under the form's basic settings. Here is the guide.

Add the Email 1 Field to your Form Page

*In order for Neon to send the acknowledgement email, you must include the Email 1 field on your form and make it required.

Find Email under the Neon Fields section of the form builder and add it to your form page. 


Under Properties, set the Required field to yes


NEON Default Email

The NEON Default Email will include all data that the constituent entered in the custom form/survey. 

Clicking NEON Default Email will bring up a pop-up window, as shown below. 


Click Yes to use this email for the acknowledgement email.

*NOTE: The subject line and content of the Neon default email cannot be customized. The footer content pulls from the information entered here: System Settings Tab > Organization Profile.

New Email

New Email will allow you to build your own customized acknowledgement email for people who take your survey. Selecting New Email will take you to the email builder, as shown in the example below.

Select a template then click Next to configure the message content. Creating this email is the same process as building new system email versions and new campaign emails


Enter the message into the content editor. 

While not all NeonCRM fields are available in the acknowledgement email, you many include any field you add to a custom form as a token. This includes standard fields, account custom fields, and custom form-specific fields. This does not include any fields on the payment form for custom forms that accept donations or memberships.


You'll be prompted to enter the email details.


Click Current Email to view the new acknowledgment email that you've created.


Updating the Survey Acknowledgement Email

Once you have enabled either the NEON Default Email or created a New Email, click Current Email to view that message.


While you can't modify the current email, you can replace it with a different one by selecting New Email.  You can also choose to enable the NEON Default Email instead of using a custom built message.

Click Unset to disable the form acknowledgement email. 

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