eCheck Merchant Compliance and adding a custom privacy policy to your credit card form


What is WEB compliancy
E-Check Payment Confirmation
Adding a custom privacy message to your payment forms
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eCheck Merchant Compliance and adding a custom privacy policy to your credit card form

The NeonCRM works with several third party processing partners to provide eCheck / ACH payment options for your constituents. While this is easy to set up, sometimes your processing partner may not be aware that the NeonCRM is 100% compliant with WEB transactions. Providing them with this guide will clear up any questions they may have.

What is WEB compliancy?

In short, it is the ability for the NeonCRM to provide a template that will capture a screenshot of this payment information and save it for two years. While the NeonCRM does not host any sensitive payment information on our own servers, we have programmed the system to comply with these requirements.

E-Check Payment Confirmation

Here is an example of what is required to be WEB compliant. We have programmed this message to meet the key factors needed to be compliant. This is what your constituents will see when they submit eCheck / ACH information on your credit card payment page, giving them a chance to review and even print this information. This programming has been applied to all eCheck / ACH partners.

An example of this confirmation page is below. Please note that the name "NEON" will be replaced with your Organization Name, which is configured in system settings.


Adding a custom privacy message to your payment forms

The NeonCRM is fully PCI compliant, which means we do not host any of your constituent's credit card information on our servers.

Your organization or payment processing partner may wish to have you add a custom message to your own payment forms to further articulate your privacy policy. This is very simple to do and you can just follow these steps.

Go to your System Settings tab > System Settings Home > Forms & Web Pages > Standard Forms > Configure Fields & Sections


Choose the Public Access Pages > Credit Card


On the next screen, you may choose to add or remove fields from this form. Check with your payment processing partner if any fields are required beyond what has already been programmed into the NeonCRM. However, for the purposes of this guide we will be skipping to the screen that allows you to edit Titles, Headers, and Footers.


You can use this section to add custom language or even a link to an outside document that explains your own privacy approach. No matter what, your constituents should know that their data is safe and secure using a NeonCRM payment form. This just allows you to add further language if you wanted. Read more about customizing pages like this in our Customize Front End Pages guide.

IMPORTANT - We strongly urge you to have a legal professional review any policy language you put onto your forms. Z2 Systems, Inc. is not responsible for any erroneous statements put on your forms and if you need clarification on PCI compliance just email

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