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Custom vs. Standard Forms
Creating a New Custom Form - Basic Information
Creating a New Custom Form - Form Settings
Creating New Custom Form Pages - Form Builder
Neon Fields vs. Toolbox Fields
Publishing a Custom Form
Setting the Form Acknowledgement Email & Web Template
Editing a Custom Form
Viewing & Exporting Custom Form Results
Filling out a Survey/Form as a System User
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Custom vs. Standard Forms

There are two kinds of forms in NeonCRM:

  1. Standard Forms
  2. Custom Forms

Standard Forms can be found at Forms & Pages > Forms & Pages Home. These are forms that NeonCRM has generated for you "out of the box," such as a Standard Donation Form and Email Subscription Form.

Standard Forms can be customized so that you can add or delete certain fields, or make certain fields required. But you cannot change the overall "framework" of the forms - for example, the Standard Donation Form must always collect donation transaction data.

Custom Forms allow you to collect different types of data than the Standard Forms. Custom Forms can be used for customized donation and membership forms as well as surveys, such as a client satisfaction survey.

Creating a New Custom Form - Basic Information

You must have the Custom Forms & Surveys module in order to create custom forms in NeonCRM. You will know that you have this module because a Custom Forms & Surveys option will appear under the Forms & Pages tab.

To create a new form or configure existing ones, navigate here: Forms & Pages tab > Custom Forms & Surveys


This will take you to the All Surveys and Forms page. Click Detail to access the settings of an existing form and to view any existing entries.

To create a new form, click New Survey/Form.


Selecting the New Survey/Form button will bring up the Survey/Form Wizard page where you configure the Basic Information for your new form.

Form Settings

The Survey/Form Wizard page contains several important settings:

Survey/Form Name
Form Description
Support Payment
Create Account
Set to Default Donation Page
Valid Until
Prevent constituent from filling out the form more than once
Exit Page or Enter an external URL
Bcc Email

Survey/Form Name

The internal name of your survey/form; this will not be seen by your constituents.

Form Description

The internal description of this survey/form.

Support Payment

This option allows you to collect Donation and Membership transactions via this custom form. If you create a custom membership registration or donation form, Neon will use your standard Credit Card form to collect payment - this is the same payment page used for all your standard Neon forms and it can be configured using the web form customization utility.

There are two types of transactions that can be collected via a custom form:

  1. Donation (free input donation amount OR donation levels).
  2. Membership (Join transactions for individual, non-grouped memberships only)

If you do not wish to collect payment for this form - for example, this is simply a contact application or other form collecting data - leave the value as "No Payment Support".

NOTE: This setting cannot be modified after you create your form. Once an option is selected, the Support Payment field is locked to prevent data issues that can arise from changing this setting. If you need to change this selection after creating the form, you will have to create a new custom form. If you've already created your form page but need to change the Support Payment setting, then you can use the Copy Page function to copy an existing page over to a new form.

Create Account

This option determines if the system will create individual accounts for each person who completes this survey.

Note: Custom forms can be completed by either individuals or organizations when logged in to their accounts, but Public Access custom forms will only create individual accounts. They cannot be used to create new Organization accounts.
  • If you select Yes for the Create Account setting, then Neon will automatically create a new individual account for each person that submits this form.
  • If you select No, then your form will simply collect the information but Neon will not create an account for each entry.
NOTE: If a logged-in constituent fills out a custom form that is set up to create an account, Neon will NOT create a duplicate account for them. The survey submission will be recorded under their existing Neon account.
Tip: To prompt as many constituents as possible to log in to existing accounts, you can enable the Encouraged Log In setting for custom forms.
The full guide to configuring Encouraged Log In can be found here.

Set to Default Donation Page

This option will only be available if you choose Donation Free Input or Define Donation Level for the Support Payment option.

Valid Until

The form will be available through this date. For example, if you set the Valid Until date to 12/31/2016, the form will expire at midnight Central Time on 01/01/2016. If someone tries to access the form after this date, they will receive a notice that the page has expired: "Sorry! The form you are trying to access is not available."


This determines who will be able to view and complete the survey. A full explanation of these options is available in the Constituent Restricted Custom Forms guide.

Prevent constituent from filling out the form more than once

This will only appear if your form is restricted to constituents/members/applicable group. This can be useful for collecting votes, or other applications that are only allowed one submission.


Exit Page

This is what constituents will see when they complete your form/survey. If the survey is collecting payment (Donations or Memberships), this page will not apply. NeonCRM will instead use the default exit page for donation and membership transactions, which thanks the constituent for their donation or membership registration.

Enter an external URL will allow you to redirect the constituent to a URL of your choice upon completion of the form/survey.

Bcc Email

Copy a staff user on the Form Acknowledgement Email when it is sent to the constituent. You must enable the form acknowledgement email. This will BCC the email addresses in this box with the Form Acknowledgement Email. More information on the Survey Acknowledgement Email is available here. When you have completed the basic settings for your custom form/survey, click Next to begin creating your survey.

Creating New Custom Form Pages - Form Builder

Once you have filled out the basic information for your custom form, you can create the content of the form itself. Under the Survey Form section, click New Page to start from scratch with a blank page or click Copy Page to use a page you've already created from another custom form.

NOTE: If you use the Copy Page function, some custom fields specific to the original form type may not be copied. For example, if you copy a page from a custom donation form to use in a custom membership form, any custom donation fields will not be copied over.


Clicking New Page will open the form builder to a blank page.


You can create forms with multiple pages. This is handy for when you need to gather large amounts of information.

This will bring up the Form Builder interface where you create the content of your form.

The Form Builder will only pre-load two items for you, both of which are required for all custom forms:

  1. Survey/Form Header
  2. Submit button


Neon Fields vs. Toolbox Fields

You must add any other fields that you wish to collect data for. There are two types of data that you can collect: Neon Fields and Toolbox Fields.

Neon Fields link directly to NeonCRM fields, both Standard Fields (e.g. City, First Name, and Last Name) and Account Custom Fields, if you have any. Data entered into these fields will feed directly into NeonCRM accounts.

Note: If you make changes to any custom fields, standard field values, campaigns or membership terms, these changes will NOT be reflected on custom forms.

You will need to un-publish and remove those fields then re-add them. When you do this, you will notice that this field is no longer available under the Statistics Report section of the custom form configuration page. The data was not lost, it just won't be shown under the custom form/survey stats. Or you can create a new custom form and use the Copy Page function to copy an existing page over to a new form.

If your form is set up to create accounts, make sure to add the "First Name" and "Last Name" fields to your form page and set them as required.


Click on the field to access the Properties box. Use the Required drop down to select "yes."


You can see that the field is now set as required.


Toolbox Fields are fields that you create solely for this survey. These fields are not created as fields elsewhere in the NeonCRM system. The only way to view responses to these fields is to view survey results.


To add a field, drag and drop it between the Your Survey/Form Header and Submit items.


When you add a field and then select it, the Properties area in the left panel will populate with options for this field.


For example, we might change the Label of this field to Committee. It won't change the name of the field itself; it will only change how it's displayed on the form. We can also make the field required, change the size of the text box, change the maximum number of characters allowed in responses, and decide if this response will be included in the custom form acknowledgement email.

There is also a Token Name field in the Properties section. The acknowledgment email that you can build for your custom forms can include tokens for any fields in the form, including custom fields. The Token Name property allows you to name the available tokens for this email.


If left blank, the token will have the same name as the field.

If you attempt to give the token a name that is already in use, you will receive an error message and be asked to choose a different name.


Some fields will give you additional Properties options.


For example, in the screenshot above, I have added a Toolbox Field type called Check Box Text. This allows me to build out a question with a series of checkbox options, so my constituents can select more than one. I can create my options in the Properties area and then click the green checkbox to save my changes.

You can preview your survey at any time by select Preview.

Once you are satisfied with your survey, click Save to save your changes, then Home to return to the Survey/Form page.

Publishing a Custom Form

Once you are ready to share your custom form and allow constituents to begin taking it, you need to publish it. To do this, select [Publish] in the upper-right corner of the Survey/Form page.

Survey/Form Link - Upon publishing a custom form, Neon will generate a link to your form.

Click Check to view your form. This is the link that you can share with your constituents and link to your website.

You can view/copy the Code Snippet of a published custom form. You can use the code snippet to embed the form on your own web page.

Setting the Form Acknowledgement Email & Web Template

You can set your own acknowledgement email for your custom form/survey by going to the Survey/Form page.

The detailed guide to configuring the Form Acknowledgement Email is available here.


You can use an alternate web template for this custom form if you've created one. To change the web template, the form must be unpublished.

Click [New Template] to see a list of your available alternate web templates and select the one you want to use for this custom form.


Editing a Custom Form

If you need to make changes to your custom form, go to Forms & Pages > Custom Forms & Surveys, then select Detail next to the survey that you wish to edit.

  • If you remove any standard fields or account custom fields from a custom form page, you will notice that this field is no longer available under the Statistics Report section of the custom form configuration page. The data was not lost, it just won't be shown under the custom form/survey stats.
  • If you remove any survey fields (aka Toolbox Fields), any data collected in that field will be lost upon removing it from your form.

You must Un-Publish a survey in order to make changes. To do this, select Un-Publish in the upper-right corner.

Click OK to confirm that you want to Un-Publish the form.


Once the form is un-published, you will be able to edit your form by clicking on the page icon.

Once you have completed your edits, re-publish your page. The link address will be the same as it was before you un-published the page to make changes. You will not need to send out a new link to your constituents.

Viewing & Exporting Custom Form Results

You can view and export all your custom form entries from the "Statistics Report" section of the custom form detail page.

Click "All Entries" to see a list of all submissions. You can export all entries by clicking the "Excel" link.


Clicking the "All Entries" button will take you to the Survey Entries page for that custom form. Click "View" to see the data submitted for a particular entry.

If your form is set up to create accounts, then the "Account ID" column will be populated with the individual account ID number for all entries. The Account ID will also display if the form was filled out from the Constituent Login Portal.


You can also see the entry on an account page under the "Survey" section, as shown in the example below. This will only show up for forms that create accounts or when an existing constituent fills out the form while logged in.


Filling out a Survey/Form as a System User

If you want to record survey results collected outside of Neon, you can enter that data into Neon manually as a system user. Navigate to the individual's account page to fill out a custom form on their behalf. From their account page, scroll down to the Survey section and click the New Survey button.

Note: This is only available for Individual Neon accounts.


This will open a pop-up window prompting you to select the custom form you want to fill out for this account.

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