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Facebook and Twitter Fields
Adding Facebook/Twitter Profile Fields as a System User
Accounts Created Using Facebook/Twitter Login
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Facebook and Twitter Fields

The standard Neon fields "Facebook Page" and "Twitter Page", are available for Individual Accounts only.  

There are two ways that these fields can be populated for an individual account. The fields can be used in different ways, depending on which method is used. 

  1. By a system user when editing an individual account
  2. By a constituent using Social Media Login

Adding Facebook and Twitter Profile Fields as a System User

When editing an individual account, a system user can manually enter a constituent's Facebook and Twitter profile pages to their account for your own use.  If you manually add Twitter or Facebook profile pages to an account, you are NOT connecting their NeonCRM account login to the constituent's social media login. You are simply tracking their profile page.

When you edit an account, you can type in the name of their profile page under Personal Information.


Only include the portion of their page link that follows or

For example, we'll locate Bill Gates' pages:

log-2.png log-3.png

In NeonCRM, these pages would be added like this:


Once saved, his account detail page would display their pages as hyperlinks. The Facebook Page and Twitter Page names are clickable links to the constituent's social media page. These will open their social media page in a new tab.


Accounts Created Using Facebook/Twitter Login

 Constituents can use their existing Facebook or Twitter login credentials to create an account in NeonCRM.  Once a constituent has authorized Facebook or Twitter login, they can use this instead of a standard NeonCRM login to access constituent-restricted features.


When a constituent has linked a social media account with NeonCRM, their profile displays differently to a System User. The Facebook or Twitter Page field will be populated and disabled. A System User cannot edit or delete this information.


However, a System User can still click the link to view their profile page:



Q: Can I turn it off?

A: Yes. You can enable/disable this feature here: System Settings tab > System Settings Home > Constituent Login Portal > Facebook & Twitter Login. 


Q: Can anybody besides Individual Accounts use Facebook/Twitter login?

A: No. System Users and Organization accounts cannot use Facebook/Twitter login.

Q: What happens if an existing constituent decides to use Facebook/Twitter login instead of their normal NeonCRM login?

A: A new account will be created. A staff user can merge these accounts together using our Duplicate Manager. Both the merged constituent's NeonCRM login and their Facebook/Twitter login will continue to work.

Q: What happens if the same constituent uses two different Facebook accounts to log in?

A: Two different accounts will be created. If a System User merges the accounts, the most recently created Facebook login will be kept.

Q: Can a constituent link their Facebook/Twitter login to their existing NeonCRM login?

A: Unfortunately, no. The only way to add a Facebook/Twitter login to an existing NeonCRM login to an existing account would be to have the constituent create a new account, and then a System User can merge the two accounts.

Q. How can I see which accounts have logged in using this feature?

A. The Mailing Report, All Accounts Report, and Email Audience Report have criteria and columns to search for and display accounts that have data in the Facebook Page and Twitter Page fields. 

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