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Z2 Systems, Inc. offers a web template matching service that applies your organization’s web template to your NeonCRM forms and pages.  This guide will showcase the basics of how this works.

Overview Video

We've made some changes to NeonCRM's theme and navigation menu. As we update our guides, you may find that there are some slight differences between the video and the system. We apologize for the inconvenience as we make these improvements.

Template Copy

Z2 Systems, Inc. can build a web template for you that matches the web page of your choosing. When we build your Neon web template, we are basically copying the header, navigation menu, footer content and CSS of a specific web page and applying it to all of your Neon forms and pages so that they match.

Here's how it works: 

  1. Provide us with a URL to the web page that you want to be used as the web template for your NeonCRM forms and pages.
  2. We will copy the code/HTML/CSS  of that page and build a web template that is then applied to all of your NeonCRM forms & pages. This takes up to 5 business days from the date you authorize the work order. 
  3. Once the web template is applied, you can see that all of your public facing forms and pages now match the web page you provided. Links to your NeonCRM can be found under Forms & Pages > Forms & Pages Home.
  4. If you have not done so already, your next step is to make your Neon forms available from your website. Click for our guide on this step.
Note: Your NeonCRM template does NOT update dynamically to match your website. If you make minor changes to your website (e.g., added/removed links in your navigation bar), you can submit a support request listing the changes made and we'll make the necessary adjustments to your Neon web template so that your front-end forms match your current website.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of items are not supported in Neon templates? Due to coding and compatibility issues, Neon web templates cannot contain certain forms of dynamic content. As such, the following items will not be included in Neon web templates:
    • Facebook and Twitter feeds (links to Facebook or Twitter pages are acceptable and encouraged)
    • RSS feeds (upcoming events widgets, automatically updating calendars, etc.)
    • Flash images, videos, or applets
    • Dynamically updating language options
    • Navigation links that are "active" when on a specific page
    • Websites made by Wix
  • What types of items do we recommend that we avoid in Neon templates? There are several web elements that we recommend that you avoid since Neon does not update your web template automatically. Also, there are elements that we recommend that you avoid for content display or performance reasons. The following are examples of items that you should avoid including in your Neon web template: 
    • Sidebars or narrow website content areas
    • Time-sensitive information in the header or footer
    • Animation, music, or video elements
    • Websites with heavy JavaScript requirements (typically website builder tools use lots of machine-generated JavaScript)
  • What if I have any of these items on my website? Please let us know if you have any of the above items on your website so we can omit them from your Neon web template.
  • Does my web designer or organization have access to edit the source code? No, at this time we do not allow any programmers or web designers to have direct access to an organization's NeonCRM web template source code.
  • If I make changes to my website, will the NeonCRM web template reflect that? No, it will not. Ideally your organization should submit to us a template that is relatively static and will not need many or any changes made to it.
  • Can changes be made to my template, even after first submitting it? Yes, absolutely. They will simply need to be submitted through the support center. Please provide our development team as much detail as possible in regards to what should be done. Providing screen shots will assist in this as well.
  • Will you charge my organization for any changes to my template? Overall, we do not charge for minor changes in wording or navigational updates. However, if your organization completely changes the basis of the template URL we will need to invoice your for a new template copy ($300).
  • I have files instead of a template URL. Should I submit those? No. We have found that the most efficient way to perform the web template copy is to provide us with a URL for a web page that has already been programmed. We prefer to not work with files that have not been formatted for view yet.
  • Will my NeonCRM forms and pages still work during the template copy process? Yes, your Neon forms and pages will function normally while our developers work on your new template. You will still be able to accept donations and transactions during the template copy process.
  • My website is being hosted on a development server before going "live." How can I ensure that the development links are not in my template? We can easily accommodate this important step. When submitting your template URL from the development site please make sure to tell our development team which links need to be replaced and with what (e.g. whenever there is development.nonprofitwebsite.org replace with the URL www.nonprofitwebsite.org)

  • When do NeonCRM links go "live" on my website? The hyperlinks are with your NeonCRM system the moment you login to your system. We are always hosting them, but the general public will not know about them until your organization shares the hyperlinks. Z2 Systems, Inc. does not make the connection for you and we do not have access to your website. Click here to learn how to connect your website to the NeonCRM to make it "live" within minutes!
  • How long does it take to create my Neon web template? New web templates will be available within 5 business days of the authorization date.
  • If I have very specific style sheet instructions, can the NeonCRM accommodate those? We attempt to apply all coding provided us into the template, but sometimes our development team cannot accommodate very specific requests. Please submit these questions for specific review by our development team in the support center.

  • My website is in Flash, do you work with that? Flash is an Adobe software built for displaying audio and video within webpages. Websites entirely built in Flash are not searchable by Search Engines and should never be used to build full websites. In the near future, some browsers will not support Flash at all. Based upon this, NeonCRM cannot render webforms or pages to be displayed in any website built entirely in Flash.
  • What is the CSS that is generally used by Z2 Systems, Inc. for their clients? You can review that style sheet here.

  • Can I edit the CSS on the template without contacting your support team?
    Yes, you sure can! In the System Settings area of NeonCRM, you can find this under Custom CSS. We will maintain the most recent code and also allow you to restore the previous version. See screenshot for where this is found.

  • What about responsive JavaScript that affects items like drop down menus and light boxes? These will most likely be fully maintained, but do keep in mind that if you have many changes throughout the year that the template will need to be updated by our team to reflect your changes. That is why we suggest choosing a template that remains relatively static throughout the year.
  • What about the fields in the form itself? We will apply your CSS style sheet that affects how the fields display, but you can also edit your standard forms as well. Click here to learn how to do this. However, the web template copy and the field editing generally do not affect each other in any way.
  • I want control over all styling and code. How can I accomplish this? In certain sections of the system, specifically the Custom Survey/Form Builder, you may gain access to something called a code snippet. And for deeper integration we do have an API. Learn more about our API here.


If your organization opts for a web template copy so that your NeonCRM forms and pages match your website, you will need to provide us with a URL. We will then review the HTML and CSS from this URL and use it to build a template that will then be applied to all of your NeonCRM pages. While these will affect the styling of your fields in the forms themselves, overall this will be a wrapper applied to the forms and not directly editing the NeonCRM forms themselves. Learn how to edit the NeonCRM forms themselves.

A best practice is to place the NeonCRM hyperlinks into the web page before submitting it to our team to copy. This is because your web template is static and will not be responsive to any changes made on your own website. Learn how to find and place your NeonCRM pages into your website.

Here is a current user of NeonCRM and a screen shot of their website. The red circles are areas in which the NeonCRM pages have been placed, however the page in the example is hosted on their own website. This example is a WordPress website.


Our team will then take the HTML and CSS from the web page you provided and build you a new default web template that will be used across all NeonCRM pages. If you have any responsive code like a drop down menu, this will carry over into the template.

Note: Your organization can upload your own alternative templates for specific areas of the system. However, the default template must be applied by Z2 Systems, Inc.

Template Updates

Over time, your organization may make minor changes to your website (such as changing your navigation links). After your organization makes changes to your website, feel free to submit a support request with a detailed explanation of the changes that have been made to your website. We will then be happy to adjust your Neon web template so your website and Neon forms will always match each other.

Note: If your organization completely changes the basis for your website, we may have to invoice you for the cost of a new web template ($300).


We apply your header and logo images at no cost, our paid services are listed below.

  • Web Template Copy ($300 setup fee)
  • Google Analytics Tracking (included with template copy) - Track web traffic/analytics on NeonCRM forms within your current Google Analytics account that is connected to your organization’s website.

**Please refer to our pricing page or you can contact a NeonCRM sales representative to learn more. 

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