Custom Forms: Unique Fields & Campaign Assignment

Custom Forms: Unique Fields & Campaign Assignment


Account Custom Fields
Assign a Campaign
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Create and Add Account Custom Fields

Create account custom fields that will only appear on certain custom forms/surveys. Fields will always be invisible when created and only appear if you add them to a form.

First, configure the custom field with the correct visibility settings: System Settings > System Settings Home > Account Settings > New Account Custom Fields.


Next, go to your forms and pages tab to build a new survey or access an existing survey: Forms & Pages > Forms & Pages Home > New Survey/Form.

On the form editor, your account custom field will be visible in the Neon Fields box in the right panel. To add it to your custom form, drag and drop it into the main area.


When you publish this page, you'll then have a custom field that will be set to appear nowhere except for this form, as you dragged it in as an available field.

Auto-assign to a specific campaign

If you want donations coming through this form to be auto-assigned to a campaign, drag in the campaign field.

You must also make sure to drag in the Amount or the Donation Levels field otherwise the form will generate errors; every donation must have an amount.


The Hidden Field option must be checked and a campaign must be listed in the Default Hidden Campaign field. For this example, 2014 Campaign is listed in the Default Hidden Campaign field.

Once you have added your desired fields on to your Custom Campaign Donation Form, press the Save button.

When you are ready to go live with your new Custom Campaign Donation Page, click the Publish button. 


When you go to the URL for your new Custom Campaign Donation Page, you will see that the Campaign field is not visible. Any donations made on this page will be automatically assigned to the Campaign that you have previously selected when you created this form.


A Payment page is automatically generated for your constituent after the constituent fills out your Custom Campaign Donation Page.


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